Crossword Puzzle Info – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”. . . __ a fever” STARVE
”Bam!” chef EMERIL
”Elementary” actress Lucy LIU
”Frozen” snow queen ELSA
”I’ve had enough!” THATSIT
”Mamma __!” MIA
”Mein Gott!” ACH
”Now I get it!” AHA
”Small” suffix ULA
”__ Lang Syne” AULD
A question of technique HOW
About 6% of Egypt ASIA
Acted without talking MIMED
Ancient Mongol marauder TATAR
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Ask earnestly PRAY
Audible bouncebacks ECHOES
Austrian peak ALP
Ballpark beverage BEER
Be off the mark ERR
Bird named for its song WHIPPOORWILL
Bowler’s stat AVERAGE
Box sealer TAPE
Brewers’ buys YEASTS
Brown beverages COLAS
Camus or Einstein ALBERT
Canine comment ARF
Cantina hors d’oeuvres TAPAS
Car trip interrupter FLATTIRE
Cash, so to speak GELT
Certain Jaguar or Genesis LUXURYSEDAN
Christmas season NOEL
City south of Scottsdale TEMPE
Copy machine inserts TRAYS
Corsage flower ORCHID
Crate up ENCASE
Cultivating tool HOE
Custard dessert CREMECARAMEL
Cut in two HALVE
Daytona 500 org NASCAR
Down-home FOLKSY
Endangerment PERIL
Engendered BRED
Exam for college srs GRE
Exclamation of approval BRAVO
Extend across SPAN
Facebook post’s label TAG
Far from accord MILESAPART
Favoritism BIAS
Filmmaker Joel or Ethan COEN
Flax fabric LINEN
Flu symptom ACHE
Fulfill, as an obligation MAKEGOODON
Fun run souvenir TEE
German cars OPELS
Give-and-take transaction SWAP
Granola grain OAT
Green vegetable ASPARAGUS
High-energy TV scientist? NYE
Homer’s neighbor NED
In a strange way EERILY
Insistent exclamation IAMSO
Insole material GEL
Irish New Age singer ENYA
Is off the mark GOESASTRAY
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kabul’s country AFGHANISTAN
Kindled LIT
Large rowing trophy OAR
Laudatory verses ODES
Lavish parties GALAS
Leave port SAIL
Leaves speechless AWES
Los Angeles hoopsters LAKERS
Main points CRUXES
Makes sense ADDSUP
Makeup mishap SMEAR
Management level TIER
Margarita garnish LIME
Military copters HUEYS
Mississippi River explorer DESOTO
Nanny from overseas AUPAIR
Niagara Falls by-product MIST
Nourishment in a hive BEEPOLLEN
One’s native land OLDSOD
Owed for drinks RANATAB
Paper packages REAMS
Parrying weapons EPEES
Prepare (oneself) for a jolt BRACE
Prepare a new edition of REVISE
Prepare to relocate a transplant UNPOT
Put to work HIRE
Puts to work EMPLOYS
Reasonable SANE
Rec ctr. for girls YWCA
River blocker DAM
River mouth formation DELTA
Rough guess STAB
Runs in NABS
Scoundrel RAT
Sculpted works TORSOS
See 35 Across TOTS
Sets aside for now TABLES
Shade of gray ASH
Short race distance, for short ONEK
Sistine Chapel depiction EVE
Sit at a light IDLE
Smart-alecky SASSY
Some auctioned autos REPOS
Some Catholic school teachers NUNS
Something to read for ROLE
Soothing thing EASER
Source of radio revenue ADSALES
Special knack TALENT
Sprawling property ESTATE
Square-corner shapes ELLS
Starz alternative HBO
Suffix for percent ILE
Summer clock setting: Abbr DST
Summer in Saint-Tropez ETE
Tablet downloads APPS
Take a risk DARE
Terra __ pot COTTA
Tests with talking ORALS
Timetable letters TBA
Trifle (with) TOY
Tyler of ”Whose Line Is It Anyway?” AISHA
Typical guy EVERYMAN
U-turn from NNW SSE
USPS assignment RTE
Vatican surrounder ITALY
Venetian’s ”So long!” CIAO
Warbler’s sound TRILL
Weaver’s apparatus LOOM
West Coast wine valley NAPA
White lies FIBS
Window sticker VINYLDECAL
Winter hat feature EARLAP
With 37 Across, alternative to fries TATER
With no difficulty READILY
Worth keeping UTILE
Yale student ELI
__ and void NULL
__ Romeo (sports car) ALFA