– May 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”__ evil, hear . . .” SEENO
Agrees silently NODS
Allow to enter ADMIT
Banister RAIL
Bar bill TAB
Be a debtor of OWETO
Besides that ELSE
Bring to a close END
Bump on a toad WART
Caesar’s rebuke ETTU
California wine valley NAPA
Clam soup CHOWDER
Curtain holders RODS
Discloses BARES
Doled (out) METED
Dried plum PRUNE
Easily irritated TESTY
Eggs on PRODS
Exciting, close contest NAILBITER
Extraterrestrial being ALIEN
Family of kings and queens ROYALTY
Football six-pointers: Abbr TDS
Formal ”Me too” ASAMI
Genealogy diagram TREE
Go quickly RUSH
Grassy yard LAWN
Grime or dust DIRT
Healthful resort SPA
Hold tightly GRIP
How-__ (instruction books) TOS
Ireland or Oahu ISLE
IRS form experts CPAS
Italian tower city PISA
Kindled LIT
Kitchen spill absorber SPONGE
Luau dance HULA
Make angry RILE
Measure for carbs GRAM
Money, informally MOOLA
More healthy HALER
Mouse-catching device TRAP
Nearly lacking in color PALE
Neither here __ there NOR
Not moving INERT
Online chuckle LOL
Paper-folding art ORIGAMI
Part of the eye with color IRIS
Perfectly aligned ALLINAROW
Period of great change NEWERA
Police alert: Abbr APB
Prefix meaning ”air” ATMO
Prefix meaning ”all” OMNI
Prepares, as coffee beans GRINDS
Prone to wandering NOMADIC
Puppy sounds YIPS
Read electronically SCAN
Repair, as a garment MEND
School transcript nos GPAS
See 33 Across SOMETIME
Snow vehicle SLED
Tenth of a dollar DIME
The thing over there THAT
Turn sharply VEER
Twosome DUO
Type of drawing with subdued colors PASTEL
Uncool person NERD
Use deductive reasoning DRAWACONCLUSION
Wall painting MURAL
Was in first place LED
Wasn’t truthful LIED
Watchdog’s warning SNARL
Watchful ALERT
Weak, as an excuse LAME
With 46 Across, make room on one’s schedule CARVEOUT
Without a warranty ASIS
__ down on (get strict with) CLAMP
__ vera (soother in lotions) ALOE

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