Crossword Puzzle Info – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
”Kapow!” WHAM
”Peanuts” girl LUCY
”Sky & __” magazine TELESCOPE
Absorbed for oneself ATE
Alphabetical arrangement ATOZ
Apartment, to a rental agent UNIT
Apply at the beach RUBON
Approach eagerly RUNTO
Await the return of LEND
Balanced EVEN
Boss of German fashion HUGO
Brute APE
Canadian waterfowl SNOWGEESE
Cancel, at the Cape ABORT
Caribbean step MAMBO
Certain salt source SEA
Clarifying phrase IDEST
Cocktail adornment ZEST
Common abbr. from the French RSVP
Correct, as text EMEND
Cow of India ZEBU
Director Anderson WES
Don’t toss KEEP
Easy to understand BASIC
Eye shade HAZEL
Fast-fading fad CRAZE
Fictional Atlanta belle OHARA
Geologist’s hot stuff MAGMA
Gets rid of SHEDS
Give the slip to EVADE
Green-egg layer EMU
Gross fraction DOZEN
Hats’ stats SIZES
Highly infrequent RARE
Impetus FUEL
Is without HASNT
It sounds just like you EWE
It’s north of Lauderdale BOCA
Jeopardy DANGER

Clues Answers
Justice Department agcy ATF
Largest of the deer family MOOSE
Leading AHEAD
Leisurely SLOW
Linen color ECRU
London’s Old __ theatre VIC
Meal with matzo SEDER
Message from Security ALERT
More or less ABOUT
Nut-butter variety CASHEW
Oil source for moisturizers ALOE
One for each hand BOTH
Parliament Hill city OTTAWA
Polish Peace Prize winner WALESA
Popular auto shade CANDYAPPLERED
Potential WOULDBE
Program responsible for the FDIC NEWDEAL
Rain gutter’s spot EAVE
Rapidity SPEED
Series with a ”Cyber” spin-off CSI
Shade close to coral SALMONPINK
Shade of a Nathan’s hot-dog contest winner’s belt MUSTARDYELLOW
Shade of WWII US Army helmets OLIVEGREEN
Show that you get it LAUGH
Sinister EVIL
Socialize GOOUT
Spruce up REDO
Steamed state IRE
Sticky supply TAPE
Stifle oneself ZIPIT
Story time monster OGRE
Stratford-upon-__ AVON
Student advocate grp PTA
Swimmer’s workout LAPS
T, as for Socrates (originally) TAU
Weary-looking WAN
Western city on I-80 RENO
Where Noah Webster went YALE
Wine descriptor BRUT