Crossword Puzzle Info – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”Go to the next person” IPASS
”Hang on a second” WAITFORIT
”That’s a surprise!” GOSH
”X-Files” agent DANA
”__ all know . . .” ASWE
19th-century govt CSA
Airport amenity WIFI
Almost good CPLUS
Alphabet Suite artist ERTE
Arcade game giant SEGA
Are, in Aragon ESTA
Bit of resistance OHM
Blast from the past OLDIE
Bout-sanctioning org WBA
Bull, Blazer or Buck NBAER
Business designation INC
Certain Spanish spouse SENORA
Clubs for short shots NINEIRONS
Consulate issuance VISA
Convention venue ARENA
Defeats consistently, in sports slang OWNS
Dollywood’s state: Abbr TENN
East Lansing sch MSU
Ending for Asian nation names STAN
Free of controversy SAFE
Frozen fare ICES
Is covetous of ENVIES
It means ”atmosphere” AER
Japanese respectful title SAN
Labor Dept. agency OSHA
Liable (to) PRONE
Long-standing battlers SEXES
Melodic epilogues CODAS
Middle name of Elvis ARON
Minimal sunshine RAY
Minimally ABIT
Nickname like Liz BETSY
No longer a novelty STALE
Clues Answers
Nullified UNDID
Oct. baseball round NLCS
One of Canada’s First Nations CREE
One-at-a-time exams ORALS
Order to go LEAVE
Ortega’s ”other” OTRO
Particulars of bills ITEMS
Pet plaint MEOW
Proof of ownership DEED
Rescue squad EMTS
Routing abbr ATTN
Sheepdog, for short SHELTY
Slender SVELTE
Solemn affirmations AMENS
Some TV screens LCDS
Speech contents TEXT
Sri Lanka, for instance ISLE
Street vendors’ setups PUSHCARTS
Strong denial OHNO
Substitute delegate ALTERNATE
Supportive denial NORI
Talking stuffed bear in two films TED
Tapered topper SPIRE
Tennis star Murray ANDY
Three cross words BREEDWALKSTITCH
Three cross words ROADFIREEXAMINE
Three cross words TRAINHATCHINDEX
Three cross words CULTURALBOWWIND
Throw out TOSS
TV news hr TENPM
Unyielding STERN
Vehicle at PyeongChang last February SLED
Very brief moment, for short NSEC
Was interested CARED
Welcome with pomp HAIL
With socks knocked off INAWE
__ lot (be demanding) ASKA
__ Tomé and Príncipe (African nation) SAO