Crossword Puzzle Info – May 4 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Dear old” parent DAD
”Dear __ or Madam . . .” SIR
”Don’t worry about me” IMOK
”Gone With __ Wind” THE
”Here’s to you,” for one TOAST
”So, without further __ . . .” ADO
Alarm bell sound CLANG
Allows LETS
Alternative to Maytag AMANA
Amount of medicine DOSE
And others: Abbr ETAL
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Baby chick’s sound PEEP
Back of the neck NAPE
Backyard swimming spots POOLS
Baton twirlers in parades MAJORETTES
Biblical boat builder NOAH
Boy dolls sold with Barbies KENS
Correcting, as a manuscript EDITING
Cry of discomfort UGH
Doesn’t possess LACKS
Drove fast SPED
Egg-shaped OVAL
Elm or oak TREE
Entice TEMPT
Everlasting ETERNAL
Favors one leg while walking LIMPS
Female heads of families MATRIARCHS
Floor coverings made of fabric RUGS
Fuel obtained from mines COAL
Gas in bright store signs NEON
Gators’ cousins CROCS
Gentle, as petting-zoo animals TAME
Get __ the ground floor INON
Grand-scale stories EPICS
Have fun doing ENJOY
Home for a hamster or parakeet CAGE
Identifier that a new bride might keep MAIDENNAME
Impolite RUDE
Informal assent YEP
Keep away from AVOID
Kid’s snow vehicle SLED
Kids older than 12 TEENS
Long, difficult journey TREK
Male turkeys TOMS
Maze-running rodent RAT
Middle of the Three Bears MAMA
Molecule part ATOM
Most wealthy RICHEST
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Not outdoors INSIDE
Pancake topping MAPLESYRUP
Peace Prize recipient Wiesel ELIE
Place a limit on RESTRICT
Processes food in one’s stomach DIGESTS
Pub beverage ALE
Reach across SPAN
Region AREA
Relinquish legally CEDE
Repetitive learning ROTE
Rooftop wind-direction indicator VANE
Send, as a broadcast signal TRANSMIT
Shaped like a circle ROUND
Sheets and pillowcases LINENS
Slanted typeface: Abbr ITAL
Smartphone download, for short APP
Sneakers and sandals SHOES
Speak unclearly SLUR
Swayed because of dizziness REELED
Takes a look at VIEWS
Telegrapher’s __ code MORSE
Twisted-in metal fastener SCREW
Untruthful one LIAR
Warbling sounds TRILLS
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Yo-yos and dolls TOYS
__ once (suddenly) ALLAT