Crossword Puzzle Info – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Come in!” ENTER
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
”What do we have to lose?” WHYNOT
Art __ (retro building style) DECO
Author’s representative AGENT
Back muscles, for short LATS
Be entitled to EARN
Capital of Peru LIMA
Cellophane rolls TAPES
Clairvoyant person SEER
Computer malfunction CRASH
Consider to be DEEM
Cool-headed SANE
Crosser of an urban st., often AVE
Crunchy Mexican food TACO
Cutlet meat VEAL
Director Dunham or singer Horne LENA
Do not exist ARENT
Drove fast SPED
Encounter MEET
Extinguish, as a fire DOUSE
Farm machine giant DEERE
Feeling achy SORE
Female voice range ALTO
Fishing pole ROD
Flashing dance-club light STROBE
Get value from USE
Grain storage buildings SILOS
Great wealth RICHES
Had to reduce salary expenses SLASHEDPAYROLL
Historic era AGE
Holiday after Lent EASTER
How some toothpastes taste MINTY
Imitated APED
Jacket’s arm SLEEVE
Jekyll’s evil side HYDE
Lacking manners CRASS
Legal wrongs TORTS
Life of __ (ease) RILEY
Load of laundry WASH
Long-tailed relatives of mice RATS
Mineral from a mine ORE
Money in Milan EUROS
Most recent LAST
Nickname for a noncom SARGE
Paragraph-indent function TABSET
Piggy bank opening SLOT
Pine’s sticky product RESIN
Prefix for septic ANTI
Pub servings ALES
Record book entry, for short STAT
Remove the rind from PARE
Road reversal, informally UEY
Room coolers: Abbr ACS
Root beer and cola SODAS
Routine task CHORE
Row of people waiting LINE
Ruined an aspiration DASHEDONESHOPES
Scratch up MAR
Seizes violently WRESTS
Send forth, as light EMIT
Shaped like a lemon OVAL
Singer’s space-filling syllables TRALA
Slow-cooker dinner STEW
Spotted-coat horse PINTO
Squiggle on ”seƱor” TILDE
Start a poker hand ANTE
Started, as a campfire LIT
Therefore ERGO
Tries out TESTS
Two-tone cookies OREOS
Unselfish person SHARER
Was in a movie ACTED
Were built at a beachfront DOTTEDTHESHORE
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Yale students ELIS
__ and aah OOH
__ Baba (Arabian Nights hero) ALI