Crossword Puzzle Info – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
”I would like to help __”: Alfred Nobel DREAMERS
”You see, but you do not observe” writer DOYLE
1.5 Roman feet CUBIT
A way to serve squash DICED
Account identifier USERNAME
Airport courtesy vehicle TRAM
Alpaca product YARN
Alter one’s 41 Across MUTATE
Annoyingly noisy RATTLY
Any of the Federalist Papers ESSAY
Backup introducer ORELSE
Biggest song for Motown’s first female star MYGUY
Charge as true, in complaints ASSERT
Confirmation inquiry ISITTRUE
Contraction that oughta have two apostrophes LIL
Cricket’s striker BAT
Cubby-like SLOTTED
Destination for some 50 Down EYES
Dose delivery media DROPS
Drugstore fountain fare MALTS
Early text messager PAGER
Easy undertaking MILKRUN
European nickname for Helena ELI
Evidence of amusement TEEHEE
Exclamation of consternation MYWORD
Fell some SLID
Fiddled with JIGGERED
Former evening commuter convenience BARCAR
Former name for the flu GRIPPE
Genericized totwear trademark ONESIE
Gloater’s shout SOTHERE
Guy without grace OAF
Gym __ MAT
HS helpers TAS
Initialism since 1939 WWI
Clues Answers
Iowan, for instance INLANDER
Isn’t quite right AILS
Jamboree setup MESSTENT
Jay Gatsby, notably ANTIHERO
Laugh at, in a way DERIDE
Marching, maybe ONPARADE
Mason’s gap filler SHIM
Metaphorical flier FUR
Metric prefix TRI
Modest explanation for achievement JUSTLUCKYIGUESS
Name on a Creole Christmas cookbook EMERIL
One voting twice REPEATER
Opposite of ”angst” PEACE
Participante de reuniĆ³n familiar TIA
Petitions SUES
Pouring RAINY
Rather remote in reasoning TENUOUS
Rhythm in Gershwin’s ”Cuban Overture” RUMBA
Site for Sea Hunter and Sunseeker sales BOATSHOW
Snoozefest YAWNER
Source of power GRID
Stirred enough BEATEN
Talk Like a Pirate Day intro AHOYMATE
Trying to be ALA
TV focus of a traveling science exhibition CSI
Units first suggested by Mendel GENES
Universe REALM
USN’s successor to ”passed midshipman” ENS
What the sun enters in August LEO
Winter Olympics athlete at 11 HENIE
Word from the Latin for ”left” SINISTER
Work-for-hire agreement RETAINER
Would-be sacker of Constantinople ATTILA