Crossword Puzzle Info – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Be __ as it may . . .” THAT
”Door’s open, come __!” ONIN
”Humble” dwellings ABODES
”On the __ hand . . .” OTHER
”What difference __ it make?” DOES
”__ about time!” ITS
Academy Award OSCAR
Addition totals SUMS
Airport vehicle larger than a van BUS
Animal hair FUR
Baby food consistency PUREE
Beagle or basset hound BREED
Bird in city parks PIGEON
Charged atoms IONS
Cleaner of hotel rooms MAID
Commotion ADO
Decorates with ornaments ADORNS
Desert caravan beast CAMEL
Difficult, as a challenge TOUGH
Dry as a desert ARID
Engine MOTOR
Everyone ALL
Ewe or lamb SHEEP
Flatten with an iron PRESS
Fork prong TINE
Glass in binoculars LENS
Golfer’s peg TEE
Good fortune LUCK
Grain storage towers SILOS
Hive insect BEE
Home for a hatchling NEST
In flames AFIRE
In __ straits (needing help) DIRE
India’s continent ASIA
Japanese soup MISO
Large stack PILE
Last year’s jrs SRS
Light-bending crystal PRISM
Lion’s sound ROAR
Mom’s brother UNCLE
Neighborhood AREA
Neither’s partner NOR
Not applicable INAPT
Not doing anything IDLE
Of moms and dads PARENTAL
One mowing an outfield GROUNDSKEEPER
Opera solos ARIAS
Outer space agency NASA
Pecan or cashew NUT
Performed in a choir SANG
Person calling balls and strikes HOMEPLATEUMPIRE
Person paid to play sports PRO
Prefix meaning ”center” MID
Prepare for an exam STUDY
President John Quincy __ ADAMS
Push roughly SHOVE
Race with batons RELAY
React to a shock GASP
Ready to harvest RIPE
Requiring talking ORAL
Run out, as a subscription LAPSE
Scarlet and crimson REDS
Settle a debt PAYUP
Singer Orbison ROY
Skirt fold PLEAT
Slight amount IOTA
Soak thoroughly SATURATE
Software buyer USER
Sound system booster AMP
Sports bar screen TVSET
Stadium seller of kernel snacks POPCORNVENDOR
Stare at OGLE
Stiffly proper PRIM
The first woman EVE
Tire surface TREAD
Top of one’s head SCALP
Very nearly ALMOST
Weather report chart MAP