– May 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”I’m not the only one!” YOUDOTOO
”Outta here!” AWAY
”That hurt!” OOF
”That’s awful!” ICK
”The Bells” writer POE
”The Lion King” queen NALA
”You can count on me!” IMIN
4.0 GPA spoiler ONEB
A principle belief of the Sikh religion WORSHIPONEGOD
A question of choice WHICH
Accessories worn under Sikh turbans WOODENCOMBS
All done OVER
Approach maturity RIPEN
Belittle ABASE
Big pharma firm MERCK
Big vessel AORTA
Bit of a burrito BEAN
Blood-typing letters ABO
By nature BORN
Central Florida city OCALA
Chewy candies CARAMELS
Childbirth assistant DOULA
Close kin SIBS
Coral habitat SEA
Cry of support AMEN
Cutting-edge NEW
Deg. for a theater major BFA
Discoverer of x-rays ROENTGEN
E. Lansing school MSU
Edward Hyde’s literary counterpart HENRYJEKYLL
Emotion of indifference ENNUI
Fashion magazine ELLE
Flavorful TASTY
Hyde Park baby carriages PERAMBULATORS
Is worth it PAYS
Is, for you ARE
Lab macromolecule DNA
Lawn crew tool AERATOR
Leave on the sly ABSCOND
Liquid-Plumr alternative DRANO
M.Sgt., for one NCO
Major ATM manufacturer NCR
Many laptops PCS
Napa vintner Robert MONDAVI
NPR host Glass IRA
Parisian pocket change EUROS
Parisian thanks MERCI
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Polo participant PONY
Preps for the trip home REPACKS
R&B vocalist India __ ARIE
Really long time EONS
Romanced WOOED
San __, CA JOSE
Seek enlightenment ASK
Set aside legally ANNUL
Small ensemble DUO
Some titled Brits DAMES
Songwriter with a Nobel Prize DYLAN
Speckled steed ROAN
Spherical edible PEA
Spherical edibles ROE
Split (apart) TORE
St. claiming Will Rogers as its ”Favorite Son” OKLA
Starter like uni- MONO
Steamed open, perhaps UNSEALED
Stringy spinners YOYOS
Sty cry OINK
Stylist’s workplace SALON
Tarzan weapon KNIFE
Three or four AFEW
Tidal retreat EBB
Tri-layer snack OREO
Urban district WARD
Volume enhancer AMP

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