Crossword Puzzle Info – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”Animal House” director LANDIS
”Beat it!” AMSCRAY
”Don we now our __ apparel” GAY
”Ever since I met you, __” IVESWEPTYOUOFFMYFEET
”Forever” purchase STAMPS
”I don’t want to belong to any club that __” WILLACCEPTMEASAMEMBER
”I think we should” LETS
”I’ll do anything you say. In fact I’ll even stay. __” BUTIMUSTBEGOING
”Slippery” spot SLOPE
”Sour grapes” storyteller AESOP
”Top Chef” array OVENS
”With a little study, you’ll go a long ways, __” ANDIWISHYOUDSTARTNOW
123 Down analysis ASSAY
1980s Philippine leader AQUINO
Air conditioning giant LENNOX
Airy farewell TATA
Alphabetical trio PQR
Andes land PERU
Annoyance, so to speak GRIEF
Arabic greeting SALAAM
Bad mood SNIT
Balanced EVEN
Battleground ARENA
Becomes a student ENROLLS
Befit SUIT
Blows one’s top ERUPTS
Boundaries ENDS
British mega-novelist ROWLING
Brownish gray TAUPE
California car company TESLA
Caltech alternative MIT
Certain commuters’ community EXURB
Champagne sample SIP
Chinese stew HOTPOT
City near Yosemite FRESNO
Creator of Jane and Hercule AGATHA
Current stopper DAM
Daring comment TRYME
December temp SANTA
Defeat decisively TROMP
Diver’s gear SCUBA
Dreadful DIRE
Early color TVs RCAS
Emphatic refusal NOWAY
Escalator name OTIS
Farm structure PEN
Fashion sense STYLE
Fiesta food TOSTADA
Fit for consumption EATABLE
Fits to __ ATEE
Ford Field footballer LION
Fr. women MMES
French being ETRE
Fuses together BLENDS
Gender abbr FEM
German article EINE
Goose eggs ZEROES
Gossip spreader YENTA
Green taps PUTTS
Greenland explorer ERIC
Half a figure eight ESS
Heighten RAISE
Hibachi residue ASH
Hwys., for instance RDS
Clues Answers
In single file ONEBYONE
Inability to smell ANOSMIA
Investor’s concern RETURN
Irish county CORK
Italian hot spot ETNA
Kit Kat bar competitor TWIX
Leeway ROOM
Miles away AFAR
MLB semifinal NLCS
Moves towards NEARS
Needle TEASE
New England catch COD
No longer fizzy FLAT
Obligated BOUND
Orderly scheme SYSTEM
Ornate buttons STUDS
Partner of James A. Bailey PTBARNUM
Peaceful SERENE
Pine family tree LARCH
Pitching tents ENCAMPING
Platypus claim to fame BILL
Prefix for diction BENE
Prepare, as peapods DESTEM
Pretty expensive STEEP
Puts into slots ASSORTS
Raw mineral ORE
Research report info DATA
Retail venues MARTS
Ristorante’s ”in the style of” ALLA
Rotisserie rods SPITS
Rush off SCURRY
Sailor, informally SWAB
Sailors, informally TARS
Sale stipulation ASIS
Salon sounds SNIPS
Screeners’ org TSA
Silver State city RENO
Simile or metaphor DEVICE
Sir __ Jagger MICK
Skin soother ALOE
Slalom, say SKI
Slowpokes SNAILS
Small battery AAA
Soldiers’ wake-up call REVEILLE
Something simple SNAP
Sopping WET
Sort of shirt KNIT
Southeast Asian language LAO
Supervisor BOSS
Swedish banknotes KRONOR
Tend (towards) LEAN
That and that THOSE
Timetable listings STOPS
Truth twister LIAR
Turn up APPEAR
Two-dimensional PLANAR
Undercover operatives SPIES
Vane reading EAST
Veers at sea YAWS
Video arcade pioneer ATARI
Water and rust OXIDES
What sit-ups build ABS
Where the world’s lowest land is ASIA
Wide domain EMPIRE
Zealous excess OVERKILL
__ qua non SINE