Crossword Puzzle Info – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
”Baked” side order POTATO
”Eeny, meeny, miney, __” MOE
”Once __ a time . . .” UPON
”Sign me up!” IMIN
”Tender” beef cut LOIN
”__ Lang Syne” AULD
”__ of your business!” NONE
Adding up TOTALING
Assists in wrongdoing ABETS
Become more mature AGE
Bowling lane ALLEY
Burger on a bun PATTY
Casino cube DIE
Checkers or Monopoly GAME
Clothes-dryer buildup LINT
Come into view EMERGE
Concert venue ARENA
Cook’s protective garment APRON
Create with yarn KNIT
Dilutes THINS
Dime or quarter COIN
Does nothing IDLES
Dressed (in) CLAD
Easy, in ads NOHASSLE
Edible ice-cream holders CONES
Enjoys a book READS
Eyeglasses glass LENS
Family rooms DENS
Full collections SETS
Gadget for checking the temperature of a roast MEATTHERMOMETER
Gadget for gripping ice cubes TONGS
Gadget for making an omelet EGGBEATER
Gadget for removing metal lids CANOPENER
Garment label TAG
Give off EMIT
Granola ingredients OATS
Group of a play’s performers CAST
Group of top players ATEAM
Clues Answers
Helper AIDE
India’s continent ASIA
Indicate DENOTE
Insertion mark CARET
Journey TRIP
Letter before tee ESS
Looked impolitely LEERED
Lower-leg joint ANKLE
Main dinner course ENTREE
Make amends ATONE
Make confetti out of SHRED
Make revisions to EDIT
Merits EARNS
Not outside INDOOR
Otherwise ELSE
Performer in a film ACTOR
Peru’s capital LIMA
Plaything TOY
Portion of butter PAT
Portions of corn EARS
Professional joke teller COMIC
Profound DEEP
Resorts with hot springs SPAS
Ripped up TORE
Rock that’s mined ORE
Sales agents, for short REPS
Sedan or coupe AUTO
Similar (to) AKIN
Student PUPIL
Stylish CHIC
Tell, as a story RELATE
Twilled suit material SERGE
Underground coal source MINE
Valentine symbols HEARTS
Very hard to find RARE
Walk in the woods HIKE
Went by bus or cab RODE
What ”easy” and ”breezy” do RHYME
Wide smile GRIN