Crossword Puzzle Info – May 7 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Dred” novelist STOWE
”Gravity” excursion SPACEWALK
”Tosca” conclusion ACTIII
”Tough” or ”hot” place SPOT
Agency customer CLIENT
All wrapped up DONE
American League West player ASTRO
Berry in purple smoothies ACAI
Big screen brand IMAX
Biscuit moistener GRAVY
Bobcat cousin LYNX
Bonfire residue ASHES
Campus near Hartford UCONN
Cattle in quantity HERD
Ceaselessly EVER
Change machine input ONES
Club sandwich surrounder TOAST
Confronted FACED
Earthbound bird KIWI
Elite squad ATEAM
Extra for an exec PERK
Great Lakes explorer LASALLE
Great reverence PIETY
Ham equipment RADIOS
Hard-hit baseball LINEDRIVE
Heretofore ASYET
Hermione, to Daniel’s Harry EMMA
High-minded LOFTY
Highly worrisome DIRE
In a tizzy MANIC
Intense ACUTE
It ain’t necessarily so RUMOR
It means ”doer” EER
Large quantity MASS
Legislative successes STATUTES
Literary framework PLOT
Medical group CLINIC
More intense KEENER
Moved it SPED
Music between breaks SETS
New staffer HIREE
Nicole Kidman ex TOMCRUISE
Observe, informally EYE
Office station DESK
Ole Miss rival BAMA
Once around LAP
Passover potato pancake LATKE
Potter’s purchase CLAY
Preferences, casually FAVES
Pricing qualifier EACH
Prime minister in ”The Crown” EDEN
Prophetic observance OMEN
R&B singer with 24 Grammys BEYONCE
Real estate listing stat AREA
Recital performance PIECE
Resort where it’s summer in February RIO
Roast cut RUMP
Silverware sticker TINE
Sniffed out DETECTED
Stockpiled LAIDIN
Tail waggers of rhyme SHEEP
Tampered with DOCTORED
They may become queens PAWNS
Third of a triad NOTE
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Tuscan loved one CARA
Ultimate height ACME
Unpaired performances SOLI
Unpleasantly pungent ACRID
Very tough to climb SHEER
Walked across TROD
Wave at a salon PERM
Weighty NBA great ONEAL
Wheat or cotton CASHCROP
__ cotta TERRA