Crossword Puzzle Info – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
”Darn it!” DANG
”Gimme a break!” OHMAN
”No need to wake me” IMUP
”When __ said and done . . .” ALLIS
”Whether you like it __ . . .” ORNOT
”__ the season . . .” TIS
44th president OBAMA
Ambulance VIPs EMTS
Approx. landing hour ETA
Aroma ODOR
Backtalk SASS
Be swept off one’s FEET FALLINLOVE
Beehive product HONEY
Bouquet holders VASES
Bovine remark MOO
Boxes carried by carpenters TOOLKITS
British bloke CHAP
British noble EARL
Cain’s brother ABEL
Coastline SHORE
Couch SOFA
Distress signal SOS
Dwelling places HOMES
Electric car brand TESLA
End of many co. names INC
Expenditure COST
Fictional Scarlett OHARA
Folk wisdom LORE
Follow, as advice ACTON
Fruit in Greek salads OLIVE
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Have a plan (to) INTEND
Having both FEET on the ground REALISTIC
Having two left FEET GRACELESS
Henhouse COOP
Horseshoes target STAKE
Ignites LIGHTS
Jacket COAT

Clues Answers
Jekyll’s alter ego HYDE
Jeweler’s weight CARAT
Kournikova of tennis ANNA
Leave in a hurry SCOOT
Make a knot TIE
McIntosh or Granny Smith APPLE
Military unit TROOP
Mobile phone CELL
Molecule part ATOM
Mouse’s cousin RAT
Neither here __ there NOR
News show VIP ANCHOR
Nickname for a physician DOC
Norway’s capital OSLO
Oral health org ADA
Overly TOO
Parade vehicle FLOAT
Potato chip seasoning SALT
Price of a cab FARE
Rational SANE
Readied, as a guitar TUNED
Reckless RASH
Responsibility for a mistake FAULT
River mammal OTTER
Rural stopovers INNS
Says ”nay” in a roll call VOTESNO
Secret scheme PLOT
Sonic bounce-back ECHO
Space fantasy genre SCIFI
Spanish bull TORO
Spy org CIA
Stalemate STANDOFF
Stun guns TASERS
Talks hoarsely RASPS
Tepees or wigwams TENTS
Tiny amount IOTA
Try to find SEEK
Vietnam’s capital HANOI
White-furred weasels ERMINES