Crossword Puzzle Info – May 8 2020 – Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”How __ to know?” WASI
”I can answer that” ASKME
A pair of TWO
Accident investigation agcy NTSB
Be extremely eager ACHE
Becomes disillusioned SOURS
Brownish photo tint SEPIA
Chevy introduced in 2002 AVEO
Club initiation, e.g RITE
Come clean, with ”up” FESS
Composer Mendelssohn FELIX
Contracted caution DONT
Cooked up BREWED
Daniel who partnered with Horace Smith WESSON
Daughter of Nicholas II OLGA
Defeat decisively TROMP
Dressing with garlic AIOLI
Early Steve Jobs employer ATARI
Ending for comfort or credit ABLE
ETA provider to ORs EMT
Floral welcome gift LEI
Freshness phrase on food USEBY
Give a shout-out to CITE
Hiding from MPs, perhaps AWOL
Hull beam KEEL
Hungers or thirsts LONGS
Hybrid like a tigon LIGER
It’s not hard EASE
Karrie of the LPGA WEBB
Lead voice in ”Up” ASNER
Lout OAF
Maker of razors and pens BIC
Many sci-fi beings ALIENRACES
Mild yellow cheese GOUDA
Mini, maybe POCKETSIZE
Much more than please ELATE
Much of Algeria SAHARA
Mystique AURA
New Year’s ballroom ritual BALLOONDROP
Pecuniary deception SCAM
Piece securing a watch crystal BEZEL
Predisposition BIAS
Requirement MUST
Roasted, in a cantina ASADA
Roll call count YEAS
Rowing crew leader, for short COX
Sandwich wrap SARAN
Saxophone sound WAIL
Scientific speculation THEORY
Several scores SIXTY
Soak (up) SOP
Sound of rustling silk SWISH
Speaks impulsively BLURTS
Spinning jump AXEL
Sport scored electronically EPEE
Start dripping, as pipes SPRINGALEAK
State strongly AVER
State strongly ASSERT
Traveler’s diagnostic TBTEST
Trojan War participants GODS
Try to smack SLAPAT
Undeniable TRUE
Underground resource ORE
Urgent care pro ERDOC
Venomous menace ASP
Very thoughtful SWEET
Where to find ME USA
Wild oxen YAKS
Wonderland bird DODO
Work of reverence ODE
Working from home? ATBAT
Wrongdoing EVIL
___ ring SPY