Crossword Puzzle Info – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
”It’s my turn” IGO
”This can’t be!” OHNO
100-yard race DASH
2012 Affleck film ARGO
Actor Christian SLATER
Actress Jessica ALBA
Add up SUM
After expenses NET
Airline of Israel ELAL
Alternatively ELSE
Ancient fortune-tellers ORACLES
Animation collectibles CELS
Anticipate victory TASTEBLOOD
Attempt, so to speak SHOT
Ballpark musical instrument ORGAN
Barbell metal IRON
Be mopey FEELSAD
Brief snoozes NAPS
Camper’s setup TENT
Campus building, for short DORM
City near Raleigh DURHAM
Coral formation REEF
Don’t be fooled by SEETHROUGH
Dozens from dairies EGGS
Dry run TEST
Entice LURE
Erroneous FALSE
Eve’s second son ABEL
Final LAST
Floors of seas BEDS
Fully prepared READY
Get gossip through the grapevine HEARTHINGS
Gladiator’s venue ARENA
Goal of regular exercise FITNESS
Gossip-mag topic CELEB
Gov. Cuomo’s jurisdiction NYSTATE
Grain in beer MALT
Helicopter’s spinning part ROTOR
Hispanic ”Hurray!” OLE

Clues Answers
Home for farm horses BARN
In flames AFIRE
Inn near a highway MOTEL
Irritated mood SNIT
Kid-lit elephant BABAR
Laudatory verse ODE
Lentil or garbanzo BEAN
Light on one’s feet AGILE
Meat atop Hawaiian pizza HAM
Merits EARNS
Military horn BUGLE
Mopey rock music EMO
Most SAT takers SRS
Noteworthy deed FEAT
Novelist McMurtry LARRY
Oceanfront attraction SALTAIR
Outscore by a wide margin DRUB
Outscores BEATS
Parka, for instance COAT
Peevish SORE
Peruse READ
Polynesian nation SAMOA
Resists boldly DEFIES
Respectful address MAAM
Seem wrong somehow SMELLFISHY
Show great surprise GAPE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Silents heroine ”in distress” DAMSEL
Sounds from Santa HOHO
Sunday service MASS
Sword-holding statuettes OSCARS
Tangible REAL
Teddy’s Rushmore neighbor ABE
Tot’s neckwear BIB
Troupe members ACTORS
Unmannerly one BOOR
Unprecedented event FIRST
Zac of ”High School Musical” EFRON
__ mater ALMA