Crossword Puzzle Info – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
”The game is yours” ILOSE
”Yellow Submarine” singer RINGO
”__ word from our sponsor” NOWA
Alma mater for many astronauts AIRFORCEACADEMY
Ankara cash LIRA
Apple product line IMAC
Apt rhyme for ”casino” KENO
Apt rhyme for ”casino” RENO
At one’s post ONDUTY
Audit team CPAS
Barcelona-born surrealist MIRO
Beguile TEMPT
Blunted weapon EPEE
Bouquet ODOR
Causes to yawn BORES
Choreographer de Mille AGNES
Completes DOES
Contraction in Hamlet’s soliloquy TIS
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
Dashboard dial, for short ODO
Destroyer designation USS
Electron’s surroundings ATOM
Engage in self-praise BOAST
Enjoy the benefits of REAP
Escort from the door SEEIN
Excessive promotion HYPE
Extremely popular HUGE
Flower van Gogh painted IRIS
Focus of a ”Peanuts” Halloween THEGREATPUMPKIN
Forest growth MOSS
French waters EAUX
Genesis twin ESAU
Give the slip to EVADE
Hoodlum APE
Hubble Telescope builder NASA
Inscribe, as art ETCH
Lacking manners RUDE
Large group ARMY
Literary figures POETS
Luminary STAR
Makeup mishap SMEAR
Military mail letters APO
Minor progress BABYSTEP
Mississippi feeder OHIO
Nautical officer MATE
Nights prior EVES
Oktoberfest toast PROST
Olympus inhabitant GREEKGOD
Overly proper PRIM
Parting word ADIEU
PC shortcut key CTRL
Pennsylvania lake city ERIE
Refined coal COKE
School on the Thames ETON
Search thoroughly SCOUR
See 71 Across ENDS
Singer from Donegal ENYA
Skirmish TUSSLE
Sound off TALK
Southern-fried fare OKRA
Sushi fare FISHEGGS
Sushi fare ROE
Symbol for messiness PIGSTY
Tanker stops SEAPORTS
Thunderer of Norse myth THOR
Under-the-hood reservoir OILPAN
Underworld river STYX
Uno + due TRE
Upgrade, as machinery REFIT
URL opener HTTP
Varies widely YOYOS
Video game avatars SIMS
With 72 Across, unfinished business LOOSE
Zoomed SPED
__ Lanka SRI