Crossword Puzzle Info – May 9 2020 – Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”I got no quarrel with them Vietcong” speaker ALI
”Los __” (both, in Barcelona) DOS
”The leaves they were withering and __”: Poe SERE
A way to say ”nay” NYET
AFI’s #5 male Screen Legend ASTAIRE
Annual Yukon Quest participant SLEDDOG
Backup, as a medical treatment SECONDLINE
Beckett’s Romanian contemporary IONESCO
Bump on a log KNAR
Cause corrosion GNAW
Certain coin collector METER
Choreographed opera scene DUEL
Complex descriptor OEDIPAL
Corsica’s region, locally MIDI
Couleur de la nuit NOIRE
Dash ZIP
Disagreeable task ONUS
Don’t stay silent CHIMEIN
Early Middle Ages century starter DCI
East ender ERN
Fuel sponsor of Hockey Canada ESSO
Full-house ”tell”? SRO
Furnace input IRONORE
Gets to help ENLISTS
Has nothing good coming ISINFORIT
It’s beside the point ONESPLACE
It’s pitched low BASSFIDDLE
Label maker’s timesaver STENCIL
Latter-day Minuteman ICBM
Clues Answers
Lestat’s father PERE
Lets off EMITS
Magnavox introduction of 1972 GAMECONSOLE
Marches, in lit SIBS
Metaphor for life experience ROADS
National Guard contingent ARMOREDUNIT
Nazarene, for instance ISRAELI
Nickname from the Greek for ”lizard” CROC
Part of a Gretel goodbye AUF
Point of greatest adversity NADIR
Rob Roy, by birth GAEL
Rushes, resounds, or rents RIPS
She stands on her own two feet BIPED
Shuttle operator AIRSERVICE
Sicilian wedding feast staple ZITI
Source of a scion PROCREATOR
Southern superfood OKRA
Speaking of ASTO
Sprouts or shavers LADS
Succeed ENSUE
Take punishment on the field RUNLAPS
They’re making their point SCORERS
Tom’s ”Top Gun” rival VAL
Trainee of Luke and Leia REY
Trash can or cart ICON
Typical Azerbaijani SHIA
Up a cell bill, maybe ROAM
Wearable symbol of piety BURKA
What fezzes usually are RED
What might be asked of a judge DIDIWIN
What tears may damage MASCARA
Woman wrapped in flannel ANNE
__ zone DROP