Crossword Puzzle Info – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”A likely story!” IBET
”Electric” fishes EELS
”Good heavens!” OHMY
”That makes sense now” ISEE
Adjust to a change ADAPT
Amusingly unexpected IRONIC
Ancient legends MYTHS
Annual physical, for one EXAM
At once, in a memo ASAP
Barbecue residue ASHES
Big brawl MELEE
Ceramic flooring piece TILE
Church steeple SPIRE
Cleveland’s state OHIO
Coin of Mexico PESO
College official DEAN
Concert’s sound boosters AMPS
Container for a lab culture PETRIDISH
Country in the Andes PERU
Cubes in a cocktail ICE
Daylight saving __ TIME
December 24th and 31st EVES
Didn’t mind donating SPARED
Dishonest fake SHAM
Eatery’s list MENU
Edges of hoops RIMS
Eight-person orchestra OCTET
Encourages SPURSON
Enter, as a bus GETON
Flavor enhancer initials MSG
Flower stalk STEM
Fond of snooping NOSY
Freeway off-ramp EXIT
Get new molars TEETHE
Identical SAME
In addition ALSO
Informal refusal UHUH
Joyful HAPPY
Lands surrounded by water ISLES
Make a mistake ERR
Male turkeys TOMS
Names of books or films TITLES
Office fund for minor expenses PETTYCASH
Otherwise ELSE
Out of whack AWRY
Paper protests with signatures PETITIONS
Parts of molecules ATOMS
Person from Stockholm SWEDE
Pirate’s treasure holder CHEST
Platforms for speeches PODIUMS
Portions of a play SCENES
Prepare for publication EDIT
Remove soap from RINSE
Sandal or moccasin SHOE
Scornful sound SNORT
Scrapbook adhesive PASTE
Secondary strategy PLANB
Serious risk PERIL
Sign of the future OMEN
Silent street performer MIME
Slim and muscular WIRY
Small fruit pie TART
Stand up ARISE
Successful songs HITS
Tennis court barrier NET
Too trusting NAIVE
Trumpet or bugle HORN
Try a sample of TEST
Unable to feel pain NUMB
Upscale German car BMW
Used as a concealment HIDIN
Voicemail beep TONE
Waffle __ (kitchen appliance) IRON
Wander off STRAY
Weeps audibly SOBS
What’s refined to produce gasoline PETROLEUM
Winter hand warmer MITTEN
Woodwind instrument OBOE