Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 1 2018

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Clues Answers
”CafĂ©,” mostly EAU
”Dog-tired” or ”cat burglar” IDIOM
”In that event . . .” IFSO
Acronym urging alacrity ASAP
Adidas alternative PUMA
Amazement AWE
And more, for short ETC
Autumn beverage CIDER
Bamboo muncher PANDA
Brandish WIELD
Brief denial IDONT
British ref. set OED
Cattle from Scotland ANGUS
Chowder chunks CLAMS
Clip out SCISSOR
Compromise position* MIDDLEGROUND
Computer networking giant CISCO
Contend VIE
Countries LANDS
Curriculum portion UNIT
Dessert pudding TAPIOCA
Deviltry EVIL
Division of Verizon AOL
Doctrinal suffix ISM
DOJ agency FBI
DOJ agency ATF
Emcee’s accessory* MICROPHONESTAND
Extreme embarrassment SHAME
Figured out GOT
Get rid of SHED
Get tired FLAG
Golf announcer’s phrase ITSIN
Harry Potter adversary DRACO
How some mouthwash is made* MINTFLAVORED
Incite EGGON
Jupiter, to Saturn SON
Knight’s protection MAIL
Legal affirmation OATH
Melancholy-sounding instrument OBOE
Mil. truant AWOL
Move swiftly JET
Moved gradually EDGED
Nearsighted toon MAGOO
Not done anymore PASSE
On-air partners COHOSTS
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Paper sold off by Yeltsin PRAVDA
Pick up on DETECT
PIN requester ATM
Plastic choice VISA
Poke (around) SNOOP
Potpie ingredients PEAS
Prefix for physics ASTRO
Pull apart RIP
Roth plan, e.g IRA
Scandinavian port OSLO
Scenery seen VIEW
Search high and low SCOUR
Shatter to bits SMASH
Short solo ARIETTA
Slowpoke SNAIL
Soothing stuff SALVE
Sound of derision HOOT
Source of chips SPUD
Suffix meaning ”sort of” ISH
Supermarket section DELI
Support bar RAIL
Swagger STRUT
Texter’s icon EMOJI
Toaster sound POP
Tour player PRO
Unsure response PERHAPS
USPS delivery LTR
Watch rotator HAND
What surrounds the answers to the starred clues MIND
Work on the road PAVE
__ deep (over one’s head) INTOO