Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 10 2018

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Clues Answers
”The heaven-__ sapphire . . .”: Shak HUED
21st century gaming accessory LASERMOUSE
Alternative to Beth ELLIE
Aluminum container, initially ORE
Bank slider OTTER
Brown __ ALES
Cabaret contingent CHANTEUSES
Christian Creed city NICAEA
Composer contemporary of Bizet LALO
Compound BLENDED
Creazioni estetiche ARTE
Decisively important FATEFUL
Doggie treat ingredient CAROB
Expressionless GLASSY
Fall flat BOMB
Fire fuel in whiskey production PEAT
Frequent eBay seller stipulation NORETURNS
Functional OFUSE
Hang (on) RELY
Haphazard MESSY
Hard-to-please type OGRE
His face ”launched a thousand chips,” per his bio AMOS
IRS fellows TMEN
It may involve blindfolding drinkers COLAWAR
Japanese beverage giant ASAHI
Laura Bush, née __ WELCH
Locks up or nails down ICES
Look kindly upon BLESS
Louisville and Memphis RIVERPORTS
Main interception group PIRATES
Nickname for some spoilers NANA
Nitrogen/hydrogen radical AMINO
No hitter of filmdom BOND
Not very busy-sounding celeb IDOL
Obscured from the eyes BLEARED
PayPal purpose, for short EFT
Poetic rapper of renown RAVEN
Prefix like preter- ULTRA
Prelude’s cousin HONDAACCORD
Product produced from pines TAR
Productivity professional COSTANALYST
Protein builder RNA
Provide (for) FEND
Questionable crasher UFO
Remove a bug from CURE
Retailer’s outgo RENT
Revel in EATUP
Seeks restoration, maybe NAPS
Shield against some reactions LABCOAT
Smart Puppy seller IAMS
Snack that may be ”sharp” CHEDDAR
Spot by the sea PIER
Star of the ”Transformers” films LABEOUF
They’re centered on As and Bs ESCALES
Tiny piece of graphite CARBONATOM
Traditional blanket of Arizona DRYHEAT
Ump or ref OFFICIATE
Unitary principle ONENESS
Vacationers try to escape from them HIDDENFEES
War of 1812 commodore DECATUR
What fog can push back ETAS
Where to view ”créations esthétiques” MUSEE
Wolf relative DINGO
__ sack SAD