Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 11 2018

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Clues Answers
”David Copperfield” clerk URIAH
”Don’t __ stranger” BEA
”Hot” winter drink TODDY
”Hush!” QUIET
”Lawrence of Arabia” star OTOOLE
”Moonstruck” Oscar winner CHER
”No kidding!” HONEST
”Nope, that’s wrong” GUESSAGAIN
”Pull up a chair” SIT
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
”Unique New York,” for one TONGUETWISTER
”Word is . . .” IHEAR
’90s veep GORE
11/11 honoree VETERAN
Above, in poems OER
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
Alphabetic trio STU
Apportions DIVIDES
Army post in Va FTLEE
Artist’s board PALETTE
Asks for opinions POLLS
Back street ALLEY
Backpack part STRAP
Bare minimum LEAST
Barnyard baby KID
Benchmarks: Abbr STDS
Brick worker MASON
Brief encounter BRUSH
Brown shade RUSSET
Brunch selections OMELETS
Canine comment ARF
Cashew kernel, e.g NUTMEAT
Catered parties AFFAIRS
Certain written reminders LISTS
Confronts FACES
Convent resident NUN
Crafty SLY
Creative works ART
Crops up ARISES
Cruise accommodation CABIN
Day-care handful BRAT
Decide to compete ENTER
Denier’s shout NOTTRUE
Eiffel Tower, essentially IRON
Engine sound PURR
Evaluate TEST
Facebook post label TAG
Falls behind LAGS
First 007 film DRNO
Flag-carrying marchers COLORGUARD
Fluffy-top pie LEMONMERINGUE
Follow, as a suspect TAIL
Friction reducer OIL
Garden planting SEED
Gems from Australia OPALS
Giggling Muppet ELMO
Give over (to) ENTRUST
Glimpsed SEEN
Glorify EXALT
Grain in some muffins OAT
Gunky stuff GOOP
Happened next ENSUED
Have in mind MEAN
Hi-fi system STEREO
Hoodwinks FOOLS
Huff and puff PANT
Irksome one PEST
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Kilt pattern TARTAN
Laundry often washed separately DARKS
Legalese adverb HERETO
Look high and low SEARCH
Made angry RILED
Meat inspector’s agcy USDA
Mechanics’ hardware TOOLKITS
Mine extractions ORES
Misplaces LOSES
Natural balm ALOE
Parthenon locale ATHENS
Place for a mud bath SPA
Place to graze LEA
Pre-college, briefly ELHI
Preadolescent TWEEN
Prefix for vitamin MULTI
Pro golfer Ernie ELS
Prohibition-era beverage NEARBEER
Promotional trip TOUR
Public standing, for short REP
Publishes PRINTS
Rainforest feline JAGUAR
Rod on the road AXLE
Rude dude CAD
Salad’s frequent follower ENTREE
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Sci-fi psychic EMPATH
Serious crimes FELONIES
Shade provider ELM
Short articles ITEMS
Sitcom staples LAUGHTRACKS
Sliver BIT
Sluggishness LETHARGY
Smartphone image ICON
Smooth transition SEGUE
Snakelike swimmers EELS
Something simple SNAP
Sound of disdain UGH
South Pacific island nation SAMOA
Spot for microchips CIRCUITBOARD
Staff of stagehands CREW
Stanley Cup org NHL
Stare at OGLE
Staying power, so to speak LEGS
Steals from ROBS
Sticky stuff GLUE
Stop talking, with ”up” CLAM
Strive (for) VIE
Strong cravings YENS
Strong streams of water JETS
Strongly recommend URGE
Support column PILLAR
Sups in style DINES
Sweeping story EPIC
Swimsuit top BRA
Swirling current EDDY
Texter’s ”Here’s what I think” IMO
The Silver St NEV
Thus far TODATE
Toddler coddler MAMA
Transmission selection GEAR
Troop group: Abbr BSA
Type of collectible emporium ANTIQUESHOP
Very much ALOT
Very pale ASHEN
Very soon, casually INAFEW
VIP’s vehicle LIMO
Ways of walking GAITS
Wear a long face POUT
Weighed heavily upon PRESSED
White wine aperitif KIR
Will run you COSTS
Winter Games org IOC
Without exception ALL
World Series organizer LITTLELEAGUE
__ Pie (frozen treat) ESKIMO