Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 11 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Now I get it!” AHA
”Old King” of rhyme COLE
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
”Tiny” prefix for second NANO
”Wheel of Fortune” turns SPINS
Affectionate letter ender LOVE
Auto’s wheel rod AXLE
Barnyard cacklers HENS
Be indebted OWE
Biblical paradise EDEN
California senator Harris KAMALA
Cameo stone OPAL
Charming woman BELLE
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Coin-making factory MINT
Color-changing substance DYE
Disaster relief org FEMA
Distorted, as data SKEWED
Dull discomforts ACHES
Far from crisp, as lettuce LIMP
Faucet flaw DRIP
Fight imaginary foes TILTATWINDMILLS
Fine per the rules LEGAL
First Soviet Union leader LENIN
Foldaway bed COT
Fuel for old stoves COAL
Give approval for ALLOW
Gives approval for OKS
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Group of street toughs GANG
Healthful resorts SPAS
Highly capable ADEPT
Holy __ (awful brat) TERROR
Hooting flyer OWL
Image to click on ICON
In a protective container CASED
Insertion mark CARET
Interstate access RAMP
It might keep wine cool ICE
Keogh plan relatives: Abbr IRAS
Lacy ornamental mat DOILY
Large waterbird SWAN
Left amazed AWED
Make a change to ALTER
Meal in a slow cooker STEW
Muscle-bone connector SINEW
North Pole assistant ELF
Paid to play poker ANTED
Place for cows to graze LEA
Prefix meaning ”coil” SPIRO
Producer of PC pop-ups ADWARE
Proofs of who you are, for short IDS
Quart fraction PINT
Repetitive shout CHANT
Sandwich meat that might cost extra LEANROASTBEEF
Sheet to hang tools on PEGBOARD
Sporting sword EPEE
Start of Canada’s alphabet ABC
Strikers’ presentation to management LISTOFDEMANDS
Studio’s sound stages SETS
Swooped DOVE
Take up, as a plan ADOPT
Tequila cocktail, for short RITA
Thing of value ASSET
Tiny tunneler ANT
Tom who wrote ”The Right Stuff” WOLFE
Transported SENT
Try to find SEEK
Understand GET
Underwater coral structure REEF
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Well-informed AWARE
When shadows are shortest NOON
Where plays are staged THEATERS
Where the buoys are SEA
Withdraw, with ”out” OPT
Zinc __ ointment OXIDE
__ salts (bathwater additive) EPSOM