Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 12 2018

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Clues Answers
”Are not!” response AMSO
”Humble” residence ABODE
”In __ we trust” (US motto) GOD
”__ do you think you are?” WHO
After-bath garments ROBES
Army cops, for short MPS
Astronauts’ agcy NASA
Be discouraging about POURCOLDWATERON
Becomes less wide NARROWS
Beer mug STEIN
Biblical boat builder NOAH
Black-and-white bear PANDA
Book of maps ATLAS
Break sharply SNAP
Butter production factory CREAMERY
Catcher’s glove MITT
Chairs and benches SEATS
Coffee alternative TEA
Coffee sweetener SUGAR
Complete collections SETS
Crow’s sound CAW
Customary practice USAGE
Drop __ to (write) ALINE
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Elm or oak TREE
Enjoys a book READS
Ensnares TRAPS
Exact duplicate TWIN
Fail to mention OMIT
Female deer DOE
Football throw PASS
Get confused MIXTHINGSUP
Ginger ale and cola SODAS
Give a formal warning SERVENOTICE
Groups of two PAIRS
Had a meal ATE
Harbor boat TUG
Have in mind MEAN
Have the same opinion AGREE
Historical period ERA
Household cat or dog PET
Humdingers BEAUTS
In a little while LATER
India’s continent ASIA
Indicates with one’s index finger POINTSTO
Misplaces LOSES
New Year’s Eve party headgear PAPERHAT
Not as tanned PALER
Opinion piece ESSAY
Opinion survey POLL
Pie __ mode ALA
Piece of dinnerware PLATE
Pigsty PEN
Private instructor TUTOR
Pro __ (proportionally) RATA
Provide permanent funding for ENDOW
Put a stop to END
Region AREA
Remove whiskers SHAVE
Resorts with hot springs SPAS
River sediment SILT
Rock that’s mined ORE
Rubdown at a gym MASSAGE
Saudis, for example ARABIANS
School tests EXAMS
Self-images EGOS
Sesame __ bun SEED
Source for pancake syrup MAPLE
Specialized slang LINGO
Spot of land in the ocean ISLE
State with confidence ASSERT
Stereo records: Abbr LPS
Suffix for racket or auction EER
What radiators give off HEAT
Whistle sound TOOT
Wild animal’s home LAIR
Written promise to pay IOU
__ Fridays (restaurant chain) TGI