– Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
”All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
”Famous Potatoes” state IDAHO
”Hey you!” PSST
”I’ve got it!” EUREKA
”To make a __ story short . . .” LONG
Antlered animals ELKS
Archer on Valentine’s cards CUPID
As of now YET
Astonishes AWES
Bee’s attack STING
Big name in elevators OTIS
Camper’s shelter TENT
Cash alternative CREDIT
Casual greeting OHHI
Coffee cup cover LID
Cozy corner NOOK
Custodial staff JANITORS
Dime’s value TENCENTS
Distrustful CYNICAL
Dwelling place ABODE
Enthusiastic about INTO
Erie and Huron LAKES
Eve’s garden EDEN
Experimental working model PROTOTYPE
Female choir voice ALTO
Find fault CARP
Fishing rod POLE
Fit for a monarch REGAL
Folk-rock singer Bob DYLAN
Freeloaders MOOCHERS
French cap BERET
Ft. Wayne’s state IND
Gardener’s small shovel TROWEL
Go on tiptoe SNEAK
Had a hunch FELT
Home for hatchlings NEST
Hosp. test scan MRI
Hotel at a snowy resort SKILODGE
In real time LIVE
Itsy-bitsy TEENY
Leave out OMIT
Low in fat LEAN
Lyft’s ride-sharing rival UBER
Make amends ATONE
Mexican cheer OLE
Mint __ (bourbon drink) JULEP
Noon to 1 pm, for example HOUR
Not at any time NEVER
Novelist __ Mae Brown RITA
Obtained GOT
Oil cartel OPEC
Over with DONE
Payroll IDs SSNS
Peculiar ODD
Pigpen STY
Playful prank ANTIC
Plopped down SAT
Positioned SITED
River mouth formation DELTA
Roll call response HERE
Sample of food TASTE
Samson’s barber DELILAH
Sassy PERT
Scene of a event LOCALE
Scrapes by, with ”out” EKES
Second notes of a scale RES
Secondhand USED
Sense of right and wrong CONSCIENCE
Shower attention (on) DOTE
Small jeweled crown TIARA
Sure of oneself CONFIDENT
Take a crack __ (try) ATIT
Upper limb ARM
Verse writers POETS
Walking stick CANE
__ stick (bouncing toy) POGO
__-and-dagger (secretive) CLOAK

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