Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 13 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”. . . took one of __ ribs . . .” HIS
”Marines’ Hymn” destination TRIPOLI
”Take it” HERE
”Zwei” more than ”zwei” VIER
’70s Grammy category DISCO
Abacus components BEADS
Anaheim’s county ORANGE
Apt rhyme for ”clasp” HASP
Barbecue application RUB
Can’t wait (for) ACHE
Chopin piece ETUDE
Cover with rings BINDER
Criticize, so to speak RAP
Cutter’s nose PROW
Devotee FAN
Eager beavers DOERS
End of quote OFHAPPINESS
Exotic expedition SAFARI
Extremely salty lake DEADSEA
Fasten together, in a way SEW
Faucet insert WASHER
Faux cheese ingredient SOY
Fearful feeling AWE
Fine dishes CHINA
Flimflams CONS
Former Malta money LIRA
Goblin preceder HOB
Grp. of professionals ASSN
Habitual birdwatcher CAT
Had a bawl WEPT
Highlight ACCENT
Hill in westerns MESA
Idle fancy CHIMERA
Last proper name in ”Gone with the Wind” TARA
Lean and tough SINEWY
Maguire of ”Spider-Man” TOBEY
Mark in many URLs TILDE
Messenger’s mission ERRAND
Middle of quote SUPREMEPART
Miscalculation ERROR
More than sore IRATE
More than twice TRIPLY
Mountie jacket material SERGE
Mover’s partner SHAKER
Muddy place STY
Nation with the longest coastline CANADA
New arrivals BIRTHS
Outdoor crowd no EST
Parting words ADIEUS
Passport Control device STAMP
Powder rooms ARSENALS
Ready to use again RESET
Search for prey PROWL
Sheets in frames PANES
Singer Grande’s nickname ARI
Sniffly sound SOB
Spanish chaperone DUENNA
Start of a Sophocles quote WISDOMISTHE
Stuart portrait subject REVERE
Stylistic expressions MODES
Subject to strain TRY
Test of one’s metal ASSAY
They run in bars TABS
Things like that SUCH
Throw out a line, perhaps EDIT
Trying to be ALA
Upcoming AHEAD
Utopia, per More ISLAND
Very small egg size PEEWEE
Vote to accept ADOPT
What Rihanna might be wearing AFRO
Where the sun is for most of August LEO
Wiggle room PLAY
Yet to be trained NEW
__ out a win EKE