– Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
”Definitely!” YES
”Electric” swimmers EELS
”The Raven” writer POE
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Alto or soprano VOICE
Apartment payment RENT
Aroma ODOR
Aromatic closet wood CEDAR
Attempt TRY
Authorized agent PROXY
Bar bill TAB
Besides that ELSE
Bottom of bulldogs’ faces JOWLS
Building addition WING
Calm before the storm LULL
Coffee, informally JAVA
Con artists SWINDLERS
Cookie jar topper LID
End of a power cord PLUG
Equipment needed to do a job TOOLSOFTHETRADE
Fastened tightly SHUT
Former Italian coin LIRA
Give approval ASSENT
Go left or right TURN
Golf bag array IRONS
Handbag designer Michael KORS
Impulsive desire WHIM
In the neighborhood LOCAL
It’s west of Montana IDAHO
Kind of committee ADHOC
Metered vehicle CAB
Minimal money CENT
Misjudgment ERROR
Move back and forth in the breeze SWAY
Mrs. George W. Bush LAURA
Napa Valley product WINE
Neighborhood AREA
Of audible waves SONIC
On the ball ALERT
Overly used, as expressions TRITE
Pageant winner’s topper TIARA
Palette array HUES
Phone screen readout TIME
Picturesque SCENIC
Pint-sized TEENY
Plane landing stat ETA
Polish BUFF
Prefix for violet or sound ULTRA
Prince William’s prep school ETON
Put into law ENACT
Rabbit relative HARE
Read over quickly SCAN
Reality TV judge Cowell SIMON
Rural hotels INNS
Sand-trap smoother RAKE
Scandinavian capital OSLO
School gym event DANCE
Scolded, with ”out” BAWLED
Semester-ending hurdles EXAMS
Surface for yoga MAT
Swamp critter CROC
Tachometer nos RPMS
Thanks, in France MERCI
Total, as a bill RUNTO
Triangular road sign YIELD
Upscale Italian fashion chain ARMANIEXCHANGE
Very close friends ALTEREGOS
Very funny people RIOTS
Very reverent PIOUS
Walk unsteadily TOTTER
Wide belts SASHES
Worldwide news agcy UPI
__ pas FAUX

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