Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 14 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Colorful” Federal Reserve report BEIGEBOOK
”FrappĂ©” fruit FRAISE
”Fuzzy-Wuzzy” word WASNT
”Pictures deface walls __ than they decorate them”: Frank Lloyd Wright OFTENER
’50s USAF coinage UFO
About 1/300 of a dictionary ZEES
Administered, as by an intern DOSED
Alsace-Lorraine river SAAR
Ambien alternative LUNESTA
Ancient arm SPEAR
Anything vast EXPANSE
Appoint publicly NAMEAS
Big name in faucets MOEN
Brief refutation ISNOT
British fishing boat COBLE
Business loss, for instance TAXWRITEOFF
Center of a volleyball court NETLINE
Class that includes everyday activities and parts of speech ESL
Collected in quantity MASSED
Complainy query SOSOON
Day __ ONE
Declination of aid NONEED
Dock data ETAS
Edificios para vivir CASAS
Eliciting a ”Seriously?” INANE
Employ EXERT
Encouragement to continue GOODTRY
Encourages to grow up RESEEDS
Ersatz fire extinguisher WETTOWEL
Finlike sails LATEENS
Flower frequented by pollinators BEEBALM
Freud colleague/countryman ADLER
Glue-bound product TABLET
Have enough with TIREOF
Inner intensity STRENGTH
It stretches toward the pinkie ULNA
Late-night viewing REM
Leads to the basement, say SHOWSDOWN
Letters often near ”fax” TEL
Lights used in navigation URSAMAJOR
Name on many posters with McDormand and Buscemi COEN
Natural amphitheaters HILLSIDES
NFLers with a bull logo TEXANS
Not to be overlooked KEY
Olympian in a weight class JUDOIST
Oxens’ humped cousins ZEBUS
Patron saint of Mexico GUADALUPE
Pilot’s paperwork LOG
Piquant by comparison ZESTIER
Pre-closing status SALEPENDING
Reaction to revulsion UGH
Ready to crush the curve UPATBAT
Response to a rapper ENTER
Saber-tooth tiger voice in the ”Ice Age” films LEARY
Song sung in the ”Iliad” PAEAN
Spanish surname related to ”Roderick” RUIZ
Sub-Saharan menace TSETSEFLY
Swell place OPENSEA
Term in a bank’s Account Terms ANNUALFEE
Thanksgiving ritual GRACE
They run south from the Arctic Ocean URALS
Two-Oscar actor of the 2010s ALI
Visibly hot INASNIT
Year-end number NOEL
__ check GUT