Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”Bam!” TV chef EMERIL
”Joy to the World” pronoun HER
”Supergrain” from South America QUINOA
”Toy Story” boy ANDY
7 Across, in text BFF
A third of ”tres” UNO
Adorn with stones BEGEM
Alternative to HBO SHO
Amount calculated as a percent TAX
Angry feeling IRE
Answer sheets KEYS
Any authoritative volume BIBLE
Augments UPS
Award winner’s words THANKYOU
Beans or broccoli SIDE
Beetle on the road VWBUG
Bill Cody’s shooting star OAKLEY
Brontë heroine EYRE
Cloud computing giant IBM
Contact lens solution SALINE
Cook’s cry EAT
Daisy variety OXEYE
Days long past YORE
Directional ending ERN
Director Dunham LENA
Drink slowly NURSE
Edible dessert holder CONE
Erstwhile MGM rival RKO
Excited, these days AMPED
Exclamation of anticipation OHBOY
Exclamation of resignation IQUIT
Facing trouble INHOTWATER
Fancy Dan of a dresser FOP
For the asking FREE
GPS technology, for short SATNAV
Hawaiian 43 Down MAHALO
HST’s successor DDE
In __ time (these days) OUR
Less-than-ideal roommate SLOB
Long-legged wading bird STILT
Luster SHEEN
Made a reservation BOOKED
Mall Santa aide ELF
Message center of a sort INBOX
Metro region URB
Mumbai money RUPEES
Name on ”Young Frankenstein” posters MEL
Not yet decided UPINTHEAIR
Novelist Oz AMOS
Off-road ride TRAILBIKE
Offer of assistance LETME
Organ ending ISM
Overly diluted WEAK
Part of a sultan’s palace HAREM
Person close to you CHUM
Poetic black EBON
Prefix meaning ”foot” PEDI
Pressure-filled test TRIALBYFIRE
Pro Bowl org NFL
Related (to) AKIN
Sausages that might be beer-cooked BRATS
Ship of Greek mythology ARGO
Shortened wd ABBR
Small wooden platform TEE
Some wall coverings PANELS
Speck on a globe: Abbr ISL
Start of a ”knowing” comment IMAWARE
Stravinsky’s first IGOR
Stream stopper DAM
Taker of a Wear Your Baby class NEWMOTHER
Terra cotta product CLAYPOT
Tiny charged bit ION
Toward, in Proverbs UNTO
Unusual and mysterious EXOTIC
US agents FEDS
Visit at an inn STAY
Well-read ones LITERATI
What ”la mer” is made of EAU
Where many ”Buy it now” EBAY