Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 15 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Cats” guy’s monogram TSE
”Freezing” starter CRYO
”Home Alone” kid’s nickname KEV
”It’s the __ everybody” (”We’re all in this together”) SAMEFOR
”Just the way you see it” ASIS
”Oh, __, there’s no place like home!” AUNTIEEM
”Really!” NOLIE
”The coward is inevitably __”: L. Ron Hubbard ALIAR
”__ the fields we go . . .” OER
1101, to 16 Down MCI
Amusements, playfully LARFS
Annual Pamplona runners TOROS
Aphrodite’s winged son EROS
Apt names, as sprinter Usain Bolt EUONYMS
Article in Paris LES
ATM input PIN
Be bratty SASS
Beasts that bark SEALS
Ben Stiller’s dad JERRY
Big name in TV ratings NIELSEN
Big name on the Declaration JOHN
Boss at the Great Fire of Rome NERO
Bound to get INFOR
Bright-hued aquarium fish OPAH
Bunker on a course TRAP
Business card no TEL
Chinese restaurant chain PFCHANGS
Court reporter STENO
Culmination ACME
Dabs with a napkin, say PATSDRY
Declaration trio: Abbr RTS
Defense Department tech developer DARPA
Diver’s gear SCUBATANK
Divider of Paris SEINE
DJ’s collection LPS
Dot on a Pacific map ATOLL
Early evening SEVEN
Echoing sound, for short REVERB
Edibles, informally GRUB
Electric co. or water co UTIL
Eternally, in texts EVA
Exxon, in Essex ESSO
Faithful, in Frankfurt TREU
Farm fields extent ACRES
Fencing blade EPEE
For vision, in brand names OPTI
Forest worker LOGGER
Former US soccer grp NASL
French diarist NIN
Frost-covered RIMED
Furnace duct FLUE
German autos OPELS
Gloomy BLUE
Got rid of TOSSED
Got wind of HEARD
Harry’s successor IKE
High point of Austria ALP
Hockey feints DEKES
Holder for your ranch CRUET
Hoops associated with hulas LEIS
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Inkling CLUE
International easings DETENTES
Intl. Red Cross, for instance NGO
Italian princely surname ESTE
Itemization conclusion ETAL
Lethargy ENNUI
Loaf in a bag RYE
Location with reservations HOTEL
Looks awkwardly GAWKS
Mag magnate’s nickname HEF
Map’s center-to-lower-right dir SSE
Marked with stripes LINEATE
Members of a Canadian First Nation CREES
Merrie __ England OLDE
Mexican salamander AXOLOTL
Military sch ACAD
Milk measure GALLON
Mops-and-brooms brand OCEDAR
Movers’ challenge PIANO
Movie critic Pauline KAEL
Mr. Peanut accouterment MONOCLE
Much of sassafras ESSES
Name on Alphabet Mysteries SUE
Nautical direction ALEE
Needing redirection LOST
Nintendo’s headquarters JAPAN
Notable time ERA
Olympian in goggles SKIER
Online assistance EHELP
Organic soother ALOEVERA
Out of line RUDE
Page One story NEWS
Parish priest VICAR
Parks who got the Medal of Freedom ROSA
Pedestaled figures IDOLS
Pic taker SLR
Potential scenarios IFS
Powder in a camp cookout EGG
Powder in a pantry COCOA
Prefix in planedom AERO
Puzzle’s completion MENT
Qur’an chapter SURA
Request ”if I’m mistaken” CORRECTME
Rolled-up taco FLAUTA
Rubik of cube fame ERNO
Ruminant animal enzymes RENNET
Sched. placeholder TBA
Scottish exclamation OCH
Send away EXILE
Serving from an orange-rimmed decanter DECAF
Single push-up, e.g REP
Sneaky one WEASEL
Some homework helpers DADS
Sort of suspects SENSES
Spanish she-bear OSA
Start of a wistful recollection IREGRET
Substitute, for short ALT
Syrian city ALEPPO
They’re ground up for livestock feed COBS
Thicket of trees COPSE
Thing to fulfill NEED
Three-line verse HAIKU
Trendy toast topper AVOCADO
Using as a way station VIA
Warm hair groomer DRYINGBRUSH
Wetlands FENS
What the Obamas’ family ”included” NOSONS
White House advisory org NSC
With wisdom SAGELY
Yellowish green OLIVE
Yoda trainee JEDI
Young ”hombre” CHICO
__ Lanka SRI
__ near (close to) ONOR
__-TV (”Small Town Big Deal” broadcaster) RFD