– Nov 17 2018

Clues Answers
”About time!” AAH
”Ask me anything” IMANOPENBOOK
”I asked for so little!” YOUHADONEJOB
”Prime Minister’s Questions” airer CSPAN
”Take your time” EASYDOESIT
”War of the Worlds” side HUMANS
@ neighbor TWO
Address akin to ”monsieur” SIRE
Alerts to escapees, often APBS
Allows through LETSBY
Application placeholder NMI
Attention-getter starter NOTA
Bronc, for instance HOSS
Bruins rival, in headlines HABS
Business squeezed out by gentrification, perhaps DIVE
Close the gap COMENEARER
Commodity reordered often CONSUMABLE
Completers of a showbiz kudos quartet EGOTS
David Lee Roth’s Van Halen successor SAMMYHAGAR
Early cameraphone maker SANYO
Egyptian dedicatee of a Pompeii temple ISIS
Empty parcel LOT
End for some advocates IST
Female name akin to a gold-coated horse PALOMA
Figure seen on ”people’s currency” MAO
First to circumnavigate New Zealand COOK
Flags, with ”out” PETERS
Goes on and on YAPS
In good taste ATTRACTIVE
Inspiration for a field geologist’s kit MOHS
It can mean ”not so” SEMI
It might swell after a title bout EGO
Key items in vaults POLES
Les Pauls favored by many artists GIBSONS
Mach, for example RATIO
Made light of DISSED
Maj. arteries RTES
Major cranberry producer MAINE
Meaningful gestures, for short ASL
Methuselah ancestor ENOS
Modern-day greeting SUP
Name atop the list of most Best Comedy Actor Emmy nominations (12, 1983 to 2018) TED
Non-compact disc designation MONO
Odin’s heroic son TYR
One end of a baster BULB
Personal hallmark TIC
Pleads poverty POORMOUTHS
Poetic land of sand ARABY
Prefix ultimately meaning ”companion” SOCIO
Prematurely ALLTOOSOON
Prom icebreaker, maybe DADJOKE
Rather rude reproach BOO
Reason for fault finding TEMBLOR
Revival trend prefix NEO
Second symbol SILVER
Sings the blues MOANS
Something MacDonald had ACOW
Subsidiary order SECT
Tech __ (Silicon Valley stereotype) BRO
Theatregoer, quite possibly BRIT
Their batteries can weigh 1,200 pounds TESLAS
Think tank, briefly INST
Topographical high pts MTS
USAF training program OTS
Visitor careful with footprints ECOTOURIST
Was on a losing streak SLID
What many ”Survivor” contestants wear BEARDS
Word on the Asian nation list SRI
Yoga class greeting NAMASTE


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