Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 17 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Bye now!” TATA
”Certainly, seƱora!” SISI
”Haven’t decided for sure” IMIGHT
”High” part of some shoes HEEL
”It’s either you __” ORME
”Money __ everything” ISNT
”Thar __ blows!” SHE
”Wish you __ here” WERE
”__ you kidding?” ARE
Actor Alda ALAN
Alamo Rent a Car rival AVIS
Animal at a dairy COW
Ark builder NOAH
Belly muscles ABS
Birds of peace DOVES
Black __ (cattle breed) ANGUS
Butterfly’s cousin MOTH
California/Nevada lake TAHOE
Chair or bench SEAT
Chinese restaurant beverage HOTTEA
Class exams TESTS
Denim alternative for slacks CHINO
Drop __ to (write) ALINE
Dry as a desert ARID
Epic story SAGA
Formal ”Who’s there?” reply ITISI
Former abbr. for Russia USSR
From the Emerald Isle IRISH
Go-getter DYNAMO
Goes off script ADLIBS
Gorilla, for example APE
Got to one’s feet STOOD
Granola grains OATS
Grasp firmly GRIP
Halloween mo OCT
Helium or hydrogen GAS
High-minded goals IDEALS
Initial poker stake ANTE
Initial stage ONSET
Level of a theater TIER
Lots (of) TONS
Milk-colored stone OPAL
Move up or down a computer screen SCROLL
Noisy sleeper SNORER
Northern African desert SAHARA
Norway’s capital OSLO
Not as much LESS
Odometer measure MILE
Optimistic ROSY
Orchestral works with string solos VIOLINCONCERTOS
Pie fruit APPLE
Pitch a tent in the woods CAMP
Prefix meaning ”all” OMNI
Region AREA
Sailors’ maps CHARTS
Sandwich bread RYE
Scratch up MAR
So far ASYET
Solos for divas SOPRANOARIAS
Solos for keyboardists PIANOSONATAS
Spicy chip dip SALSA
Stocking fiber NYLON
Story that’s often ”tall” TALE
Stuff ”taken out” to throw out TRASH
The __ (feelings of tedium) BLAHS
Took a photo of SHOT
Topped with frosting ICED
Type of ray that’s a fish MANTA
Typical person from Jordan ARAB
Tyrannical ruler of old Rome NERO
University of __ Dame NOTRE
Very dreary DISMAL
Vice __ (the other way around) VERSA
White heron EGRET
Without help ALONE
__ day now (very soon) ANY