– Nov 18 2018

Clues Answers
”A shame” SOSAD
”Beetle Bailey” bulldog OTTO
”Not exactly” SORTA
”One more time!” AGAIN
”Simpsons” shopkeeper APU
”World Factbook” publisher CIA
”__ culpa” MEA
12th-century English king HENRYI
900+ kilograms TON
A Potter professor SNAPE
A Rocky Mountain st IDA
All the ones here THESE
Ancient abductee HELEN
Arrival’s announcement IMHERE
Assent of a sort AYE, YEP, YEA
Barely passing grade DEE
Before it’s needed EARLY
Benchmark: Abbr STD
Body-building compound AMINOACID
British guy running an elevator LIFTMAN
Broadcast again REAIR
Carry off TAKE
Category of six of his seven Emmys OUTSTANDINGMINISERIES
Celebratory verse ODE
Census Bureau accumulation STATS
City west of Tulsa ENID
Clobber SWAT
Close kin to Czech SLOVAK
Cuisine with peanut sauce THAI
Dad of a duckling DRAKE
Degree of insight DEPTH
Dinner party SOIREE
Discussed but not proven RUMORED
Draw forth EDUCE
Draws for resorts BEACHES
Eats like chickens PECKS
Editor’s order DELE
Eight-time fan-voted bestowals PEOPLESCHOICEAWARDS
Environmental sci ECOL
Evaded, with ”out of” WEASELED
Except for SAVE
Fall rapidly PLUMMET
Farm cart DRAY
FBI investigator AGT
Feign feelings EMOTE
Feral urban feline ALLEYCAT
Former minors ADULTS
French states ETATS
From American Film Institute LIFEACHIEVEMENTAWARD
Funds long-term ENDOWS
GI uniforms ODS
Global expanses SEAS
Goes back over REREADS
Golf ball indentation DIMPLE
Grazing ground MEADOW
Hair, essentially STRANDS
Handled bag TOTE
Help out AID
Hems’ partners HAWS
Hole-punching implement AWL
Holler CRY
Homeland Security org TSA
Horse operas OATERS
Howard who’s directed Hanks five times RON
Ingested ATE
Intended (to) AIMED
Jazz accompaniment VAMP
Jones of locker fame DAVY
Korean car KIA
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Last to be released NEWEST
Lodge temporarily STAYAT
Lowdown, slangily SKINNY
Major in STUDY
Mary Lincoln, __ Todd NEE
Meditation sounds OMS
Metal part of an envelope CLASP
Mint activity COINAGE
Mouthwash-endorsing org ADA
Narrows to a point TAPERS
Neighbor of Minn. and Mich ONT
Netflix series scientist NYE
Newborn’s clothing LAYETTE
Nickname for Netanyahu BIBI
NL Central team STL
NL East team ATL
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Obfuscated BECLOUDED
Oktoberfest souvenir STEIN
Old floorboard sound CREAK
Parakeet food BIRDSEED
PBS supporter NEA
Play up STRESS
Portray ARE
Prescription product DRUG
Propeller sound WHIR
Pullover, perhaps SWEATER
Reply to ”Gracias” DENADA
Rollaway bed COT
Rolling, as topography HILLY
Salad green ENDIVE
Savannah-based chef DEEN
Sequel title starter, sometimes SONOF
Singing sounds TRALALA
Sound boosters AMPS
Sources for resin PINES
Speaker system INTERCOM
Spruce (up) NEATEN
Strike down, in the Bible SMITE
Sudden increase SPURT
Supplemental purchases ADDONS
Surgery sites: Abbr ORS
Talked back to SASSED
Texter’s comment intro IMHO
Thanksgiving dinners FEASTS
Three-note chords TRIADS
Three-time ”Funniest” actor bestowals AMERICANCOMEDYAWARDS
Toaster slot filler SLICE
Tom managed her in ”A League of Their Own” GEENA
Triangular formation DELTA
Turned down DENIED
Ultimate height ACME
Umpire, for instance ARBITER
Unseal, to Shakespeare OPE
Verizon’s ISP AOL
Voice of Apples SIRI
Wash-and-wear DRIPDRY
Wined and dined WOOED
Wool coat owner EWE
Youngest Olympian EROS
__ de plume NOM
__ facto IPSO
__ Martin (007 auto) ASTON
__-mo replay SLO

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