– Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
”Get outta here!” SCRAM
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Alphabet start ABC
Aromatic furniture wood CEDAR
Atlas page MAP
Author __ Christian Andersen HANS
Begin to subside LETUP
Bewilders DAZES
Campus military org ROTC
Chair or bench SEAT
Christmas song CAROL
Clownishly funny ZANY
Competitive group TEAM
Damascus’ country SYRIA
Destined FATED
Divisions of a play ACTS
Drive too fast SPEED
Easter egg colorings DYES
Enjoy a book READ
Female choir voice ALTO
Film’s group of performers CAST
Finished ahead of BEAT
First-rate AONE
Gentle handling, for short TLC
Gets a glimpse of SEES
Give back confidence to REASSURE
Goes bad, as milk SPOILS
Golden brown dessert with cream cheese frosting CARROTCAKE
Group of Boy Scouts TROOP
Group of workers STAFF
Has some food EATS
Head gesture of agreement NOD
Hocus-__ (magic word) POCUS
In reserve ONICE
Less fresh and crispy STALER
Lions and tigers CATS
Long parts of kites TAILS
Manufacture MAKE
Minor mistake SLIP
Modest reply to ”Nice job!” ITRY
Mold, as clay SHAPE
Morning moisture on grass DEW
Neighborhood AREA
Noteworthy occurrence EVENT
Oak or maple TREE
Ocean’s coral structure REEF
Ocean’s rises and falls TIDES
One __ time (individually) ATA
Operatic solo ARIA
Patches up, as a road TARS
Picnic side dish POTATOSALAD
Plane flights and car rides TRIPS
Point opposite WNW ESE
Poker pot starter ANTE
Popular breakfast cereal CORNFLAKES
Prefix meaning ”three” TRI
Pupil with top grades ASTUDENT
Reddish hair coloring HENNA
Remove, as dough from a bagel SCOOPOUT
Ripped (up) TORE
Roads that often cross aves STS
Running behind schedule LATE
Sci-fi vehicles, for short UFOS
Shorthand taker’s notebook STENOPAD
Sounds from contented kitties PURRS
Souplike beef dish STEW
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Sweater’s sleeves ARMS
Takes a break RESTS
Tennis-court divider NET
The red part of pizza TOMATOSAUCE
Throat ailment STREP
Top-billed performer STAR
Tree-dwelling, slow-moving mammals SLOTHS
Voicemail sound TONE
Votes into office ELECTS
Ward (off) STAVE
__ out a living (barely manages) EKES

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