Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 19 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Amazing!” UNREAL
”Get back to us” RSVP
”M*A*S*H” staffers RNS
”Othello” ender ACTV
”Taxi Driver” star DENIRO
Allow in ADMIT
An end to smaller things ETTE
At any time EVER
Background noise HUM
Balky beast ASS
Banned spray DDT
Be reminiscent of EVOKE
Big Apple parade sponsor MACYS
Black-and-white treat OREO
Blame bouncing, part 1 DONTLOOKATME
Blame bouncing, part 2 THATWASNTMYIDEA
Blame bouncing, part 3 YOUSTARTEDIT
Boris Johnson, party-wise TORY
Cabana furniture wood TEAK
Cave dweller’s diet PALEO
Collegial type TEAMPLAYER
Column, for short OPED
Condescend STOOP
Confronting directly HEADON
Croquet equipment MALLETS
Director Ephron NORA
Doer ender EER
Explained well, with ”out” LAID
Extreme degree NTH
Fa follower SOL
Fashionable, in a phrase ALAMODE
Greek peace goddess IRENE
Guys running campaigns PRMEN
Home repair guides HOWTOBOOKS
Hoopster’s pseudo-shot UPFAKE
Horseshoes shot LEANER
In robust health HALE
Inconclusive conclusions TIES
It means ”sort of” ISH
Jazz singer Vaughan SARAH
Job safety agcy OSHA
Jouster’s ride STEED
Know-it-befores SEERS
Legendary protestor GODIVA
Made sudden moves DARTED
Metal from mines ORE
Montréal article UNE
Morally low BASE
Oater ”Amscray!” GIT
Offer, as a hand LEND
Polar display AURORA
Pollution policing org EPA
Próspera RICA
Pull at TUGON
Say no to DENY
Shape of abalone shells EAR
Silent bid NOD
Sound from Sneezy ACHOO
Sound of excitement WHOO
Springs up ARISES
State, in college nicknames CAL
Statements of ethics CREDOS
Street of Paris RUE
Syrian __ Republic ARAB
The LA Chargers play in it AFC
Ticklish red Muppet ELMO
Time for historians ERA
Trombone button VALVE
Two-finger sign VEE
Type of barbecue KEBAB
Ultimate height ACME
Weep loudly BAWL
What banquet guests stand for TOAST
What some bearings are REGAL
Workshop turners LATHES