– Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
”Die Meistersinger” heroine EVA
”Ditto!” IDOTOO
”Hickory Dickory Dock” time ONE
”I’ll take that as __” ANO
”Macbeth” preposition ERE
”Shark Tank” airer ABC
”The True North” nation CANADA
’45 battleground IWO
55 Down debut of 2007 IPHONE
Attends GOES
Autobahn nameplate AUDI
Avenue __ Champs-Élysées DES
Babysitter, at times AUNT
Beat by a lot TROUNCE
Benedict, in ”The Imitation Game” ALAN
Boom box, for instance STEREO
Bulldog supporter ELI
Country singer Rimes LEANN
Deep-fried bulb BLOOMINGONION
Demonstrative OVERT
Deplete SAP
Dramatic slot ROLE
Drop-down convenience MENU
Emmy winner as Carmela and Jackie EDIE
Environs AREA
Fanatical AVID
Flanged fastener TNUT
Frequent director of Liv INGMAR
Genesis twin ESAU
Get your CD back EJECT
Good thing to let lie SLEEPINGDOG
Grim film genre NOIR
Hardware-selling industry TECH
Have no use for HATE
Hotbed DEN
Hotel waiter TAXI
Indiana Jones menace ASP
Itinerary segment LEG
Jag alternative VETTE
KOA arrivals RVS
Lacking refinement CRASS
Language spoken in Arizona NAVAJO
Made a choice VOTED
Much lumber PINE
Oratorio piece ARIA
Pastor, to pals REV
PBS benefactor NEA
Pick up HEAR
Pitching in AIDING
Played the field DATEDAROUND
Plumed product BOA
Reheats quickly ZAPS
Reliable thing KNOWNQUANTITY
Renal artery feeder AORTA
Repeats verbatim QUOTES
Round number ZERO
Screened for an audience RAN
Second-longest African river CONGO
Set __ (annul) ASIDE
Shoe accessories INSERTS
Singles, for instance CASH
Small bite NOSH
Smallest South Pacific nation NAURU
Socked away SAVED
Stand for BROOK
Stern, offshore REAR
Summer hrs. at Shenandoah Natl. Park EDT
Tag statement NOTIT
Test with limb leads EKG
Traverse a lake SAIL
Trumpet effect WAWA
Turn down NIX
What Cole Porter rhymed with ”spree” ENNUI
What may follow you ARE
With much gall NERVY
Yogi’s accessory MAT

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