– Nov 20 2018

Clues Answers
”Be that __ may . . .” ASIT
”Either you do it, __ will!” ORI
”Me, too” ASAMI
”My country, ’tis of __” THEE
”Time to ask for directions, folks” WERELOST
Academy Award OSCAR
African beast larger than a rhino HIPPO
Alternative to Maytag AMANA
Ancient OLD
Annoys IRKS
Baby cow CALF
Bases-clearing hit HOMER
Be dressed in WEAR
Big and strong BURLY
Billiards bounce CAROM
Birthday party dessert CAKE
Cafeteria carrier TRAY
Canine sound ARF
Central position MIDST
Chick’s chirp PEEP
Cincinnati’s state OHIO
Clothes-smoothing appliance IRON
Contestants ENTRANTS
Cushiony SOFT
Deplete USEUP
Desert haven OASIS
Despise HATE
Dice throws ROLLS
Dog’s restraint LEASH
Dove’s sound COO
Feel unwell AIL
Flip-chart stand EASEL
Frozen spike ICICLE
Gathered in a pile HEAPED
Gut feeling HUNCH
Half a quart PINT
Hand-washing bar SOAP
Have the lead role STAR
Land by the sea SHORE
Leaf-gathering implement RAKE
Liquid explosive, for short NITRO
Make less difficult EASE
Make snake sounds HISS
Matured AGED
Mediocre grades CEES
Molecule part ATOM
Muscle spasm CRAMP
New Haven school YALE
Newspaper-printing machine PRESS
Not-so-great poker hand PAIROFTENS
Old West chow GRUB
Opera solos ARIAS
Otherwise ELSE
Pantry invaders ANTS
Pick-me-up beverage TONIC
Picture puzzle REBUS
Piece of asparagus SPEAR
Pilfered STOLE
Poker hand that beats a 20 Across THREEACES
Poker hand that beats a 35 Down ROYALFLUSH
Poker hand that beats an 11 Down FULLHOUSE
Salon colorist DYER
Scottish girl LASS
Signs of the future OMENS
Something to scratch ITCH
Speak unclearly SLUR
Spiced tea CHAI
Sports cable channel ESPN
Tax form ID SSN
Therefore THUS
Three-layer cookie OREO
Trumpet or bugle HORN
Was fond of LIKED
Wood used for homebuilding LUMBER
Work at a keyboard TYPE
World __ (baseball championship) SERIES
__ view mirror (windshield attachment) REAR

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