Crossword Puzzle Info – Nov 20 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”A-n-n-n-d . . .?” SOO
”Playbill” header ACTI
”Ross for Boss” in ’92 PEROT
Arena levels TIERS
Bossy type, per astrology LEO
Brick oven KILN
Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend LOLA
Burn through USEUP
Chew the scenery HAMITUP
Commandeer COOPT
Costume depicted by Degas TUTU
Crush, as a quiz ACE
Deen of down-home dining PAULA
Design detail SPEC
Effective at the moment INFORCE
Expression of support IMFORIT
Far from low-key INTENSE
Follower of tea or TV SET
Former women’s labor org ILGWU
G7 nation ITALY
Get rougher COARSEN
Grab greatly AWE
Has earned special treatment RATES
Honey meas TSP
It’s northeast of Vientiane HANOI
k, as in Krugerrands KARAT
Land on the Adriatic ALBANIA
Laptop’s ’40s ancestor ENIAC
Less inept ABLER
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s two-time award OBIE
MacArthur, in DC BLVD
Meal with mahi mahi LUAU
Metaphor for simplicity ABC
Mixers at mixers COLAS
Name on theaters since 1904 LOEW
National Humor Mo APR
One of seven vowels ETA
One who won’t quit NAG
Orders from the court WRITS
Pedigree registry org AKC
Person manipulated PAWN
Pleasant change of pace OASIS
Pluto’s current category DWARF
Poet whom friends called ”Tom” ELIOT
Polished and elegant URBANE
Product knockoff CLONE
Reason to pull over SIREN
Revision remnant ERASURE
Rhymesters of yore BARDS
River in Madrid RIO
Robin’s companion TUCK
Rummy relative CANASTA
See 47 Across ACUFF
Something tapped at a frat BEERKEG
Source of sea squirts INKSAC
South Pacific microstate NAURU
Strike solidly RAM
Strong cravings THIRSTS
Throwback style RETRO
Tops in swank TONIEST
Typical JAMA subscribers DRS
Unlikely story, likely LIE
Vacation descriptor TWOWEEK
Voice vote shouts AYES
What you eat FARE
With 29 Down, ”The King of Country Music” ROY
With 36 Across, ”Really!” YOUCANTMAKE
Work __ (masterpiece) OFART
__ Romeo (import from 17 Down) ALFA