– Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
”Already?” SOSOON
”Antiques Roadshow” network PBS
”Take your time” NORUSH
”That’s a shame” ALAS
”To thine own ___ be true” SELF
”Zip-a-Dee-Doo-__” DAH
Actress Hayworth or Moreno RITA
Affirmative vote YEA
Any animated character TOON
Balance-sheet pluses ASSETS
Bothersome one TWIT
Break away SECEDE
Casual shirts TEES
Catch a few Z’s NAP
Cola cooler ICE
Commuting option BUS
Coop group HENS
Corrosive chemical ACID
Dashboard letters MPH
Defense Dept. branch USAF
Derbies and fezzes HATS
Dip for tortilla chips SALSA
Excessive UNDUE
Fan favorite IDOL
Fancy feather PLUME
First Greek letter ALPHA
Folk wisdom LORE
Fragrance ODOR
Fully confident SURE
Fuss ADO
Great buy STEAL
Hedge-trimming tool EDGER
High in calories RICH
Homes made of twigs NESTS
Jeans fabric DENIM
Lather-filled SUDSY
Life stories, for short BIOS
Mai __ cocktail TAI
Mongrel CUR
Not doing anything IDLE
Oil cartel OPEC
Package of yarn SKEIN
Paper towel purchase ROLL
PC bailout key ESC
Pea container POD
Persian Gulf ship OILER
Pest on a pup FLEA
Poet Dickinson EMILY
Prima __ (diva) DONNA
Propose (to) OFFER
Relatives of rabbits HARES
River-mouth formation DELTA
Roadway divider STRIPE
Roll up FURL
Scratching target ITCH
Sleeper’s sound SNORE
Slow run TROT
Spooky EERIE
Stinging insect WASP
Take to court SUE
Those folks THEM
Thunder sound CLAP
Tiny bit of dust SPECK
Title for some wives MRS
Try to slim down DIET
Turn red from embarrassment BLUSH
Warm and comfy TOASTY
Weighed down LADEN
West Coast sch UCLA
What a parasol provides SHADE
Winter glider SLED
Workers in colonies ANTS
__ Pieces (candy brand) REESES

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