– Nov 22 2018

Clues Answers
”Quit whining, dude!” MANUP
”Slip-on” wear SHOE
A rhymin’ Simon CARLY
Address in Uncle Remus tales BRER
Advil alternative ALEVE
Alias introducer AKA
Antagonists FOES
Blue toon SMURF
Book jacket part FLAP
Bookmarked address URL
Classroom array DESKS
Common Saturday date destination MOVIE
Composer Satie ERIK
Copier cartridge contents TONER
Craig’s boss in ”Skyfall” FIENNES
Criticizes strongly SLAMS
Daydreamers met by Odysseus LOTUSEATERS
Drain-clearing chemical LYE
Drone device, often CAM
Ecuador neighbor PERU
Exalting verses ODES
Exchange verbal jabs SPAR
Extensive LARGE
Extremely cold POLAR
Flows out EBBS
Food for some fish ALGAE
German pastry STRUDEL
Google alternative BING
Harry Potter pal GRANGER
Hertz competitor AVIS
Highly enthusiastic AVID
Hospital helper NURSEAIDE
Island near Lady Liberty ELLIS
It borders Toledo ERIE
Jamboree setup TENT
Kitchen pests HOUSEANTS
Lexus competitor ACURA
Makes a misjudgment ERRS
Mark of approval SEAL
Name of a novel TITLE
Narcissist’s love SELF
New York city UTICA
Note from the boss SEEME
Othello’s betrayer IAGO
Out of the ordinary ODD
Overstuff SATE
Parts of pants KNEES
Pasturized? GRASSY
Patronize, as an inn STAYAT
Promotional bribe PAYOLA
Prompted CUED
Rain-deprived ARID
Ready for action again RESTED
Rink locale ARENA
Rotary current EDDY
Small bill ONE
Small jazz combo TRIO
Smoothie superfruit ACAI
Snoops (around) POKES
Something drawn in geometry class OBTUSEANGLE
Spoken ORAL
Strauss of denim LEVI
Strips of wood SLATS
Supple AGILE
Talking bird of poetry RAVEN
Taunt, so to speak RIDE
Tech expert GEEK
Tenor’s rendition ARIA
Toll plaza pathway LANE
Tupperware topper LID
Twilled fabric SERGE
Unknown factors IFS
Verbal invitation ENTER
Very minor role BITPART
Whom Burns paired with men MICE
__ 1 (the speed of sound) MACH
__ Holiness the Pope HIS

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