– Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
”Enterprise” crewman SULU
”From all of __ all of you” USTO
”Idol” judge’s nickname JLO
”If I Were King of the Forest” singer LAHR
’70s home entertainment innovation VCR
’80s champ’s nickname IRONMIKE
20 Across’ line after being bad AINTIASTINKER
38 Down did it 44 times KOD
44-season NBC series SNL
Annoyance PEEVE
Archenemy of 20 Across ELMERFUDD
Assail with snowballs PELT
Bad hare since the 1930s BUGSBUNNY
Become equitable EVENOUT
Beverage with moussaka, perhaps RETSINA
Big leaguer PRO
Big name in fashion photography AVEDON
Can’t help but NEEDSTO
Cause of a bad air day SMOG
Cherry choice BING
Concert performance OPERA
Country singer Tucker TANYA
Dinner table decorations DOILIES
Duffer’s challenge SAND
Ending for song or slug FEST
Equals ARE
FD employee EMT
Film with Peter Fonda as a beekeeper ULEESGOLD
Gets going ROLLS
Gibraltar’s locale IBERIA
Have no help ACTALONE
Hold in reserve SETBY
Ideal conditions OPTIMA
Iron Man or Captain America AVENGER
It’s quick with a wink EYELID
Its IM was shut down in 2017 AOL
Large water cooler BERG
Lithographer of Americana IVES
Make a jumble of GARBLE
Miscellany GRABBAG
Mole, for instance TUNNELER
Molina, in ”Frida” RIVERA
Most dark INKIEST
Nettlesome GALLING
Nickels and dimes CHANGE
Novelist McEwan IAN
November marcher VET
Occurs later ENSUES
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Old Testament prophet ELIJAH
Perceives GRASPS
Place to relax DEN
Plane wing part AILERON
Playing to an audience ONSTAGE
Positive reactions YESES
Pts. of a range MTS
Runs through the center of BISECTS
Share a policy’s risk COINSURE
Sire, in the Bible BEGET
Slippery sushi stuff EELS
Southeast Asian garment SARONG
Starry sheep ARIES
Street cred REP
Swamp grass SEDGE
Villainous outburst BAH
Waits for a teen’s wee-hour return STAYSUP
What a 41 Across can’t take DISC
What a freeway lacks TOLL
Where Cannes is RIVIERA
__ shirt (flowery top) ALOHA

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