– Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
”Half” prefix for final SEMI
”Hot” Mexican dish TAMALE
”__ Sir or Madam . . .” DEAR
Abound (with) TEEM
Affirmative votes YEAS
At no cost FREE
Away from the office today OFF
Bats’ underground homes CAVES
Boston cream or Key lime PIE
Bottom of a boot SOLE
Boy or man MALE
Brief in one’s words TERSE
Bullring cheer OLE
Came down on the runway LANDED
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Clark Kent, for Superman SECRETIDENTITY
Closed-door conference PRIVATEMEETING
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
Cluster of grass CLUMP
Confuse ADDLE
Cope with change ADAPT
Earth-breaking garden tools HOES
Edible frozen yogurt holder CONE
Fancy napkin fabric LINEN
Fill with joy ELATE
Fire-truck gear with steps LADDER
Gelatin shaper MOLD
Get cash for SELL
Give the thumbs-up ASSENT
Gooey hairdo holders GELS
Had a meal ATE
Homeowner’s document DEED
Hospital colleagues of MDs RNS
Impolite looks LEERS
Jittery TENSE
Keyboard mistake TYPO
Kid’s vehicle on snow SLED
Last word of a prayer AMEN
Lather FOAM
Matured AGED
Mexican food in a shell TACO
Midterm or final TEST
Mistake ERROR
Modify, as a law AMEND
Morally pure CHASTE
Most important MAIN
Mount climbed by Moses SINAI
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Otherwise ELSE
Out of __ (needing repair) ORDER
Perform in a chorus SING
Person marking a ballot VOTER
Pirate’s treasure holder CHEST
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
President John or John Quincy __ ADAMS
Prone to snooping NOSY
Ration (out) DOLE
Salad leaves GREENS
Sandwich breads RYES
Sneaky SLY
Soup-serving utensil LADLE
Supermarket vehicle CART
Take effect SETIN
Thick string CORD
Thick, as fog DENSE
Tiny bit of rain DROP
Top poker cards ACES
Topped with frosting ICED
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Walk inside ENTER
Wear away ERODE
Weight-loss plans DIETS
Where surgeons work: Abbr ORS
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Wrench or hammer TOOL
__ and ends (miscellany) ODDS
__ vera (skin-cream ingredient) ALOE

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