– Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
”Hard-boiled” breakfast EGGS
”Just doing my job” ITRY
”Uh-huh” YEAH
A Great Lake ERIE
A __ pittance (very little) MERE
Arrive at GETTO
Artist’s stand EASEL
Backyard barbecue spot PATIO
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Become ready to harvest RIPEN
Bottle’s narrow part NECK
Bugs Bunny or Bart Simpson TOON
Burn slightly CHAR
California wine valley NAPA
Chicago airport OHARE
Chimps and gorillas APES
Common donut quantity DOZEN
Common truck engine DIESEL
Completely accurate RIGHTONTHEMONEY
Computers that aren’t Apples: Abbr PCS
Confidential fact SECRET
Didn’t make a final decision Leftthedooropen
Eagle’s claw TALON
Eight-person orchestra OCTET
Explosive initials TNT
Factual TRUE
Felt-tip implement PEN
Fishing poles RODS
Flapjack chain, for short IHOP
Have in mind (to) INTEND
Helper: Abbr ASST
Historical periods ERAS
Hold firmly GRIP
Hour after noon ONEPM
Hourly pay WAGE
Immediately, in a memo ASAP
Indicate DENOTE
Inventor Alexander __ Bell GRAHAM
Koran reader MOSLEM
Leave the path STRAY
Let others use SHARE
Little Pigs count THREE
Loud disturbance NOISE
Make preparations PLAN
Medical remedy CURE
Mexican money PESO
Move quickly SPEED
Next-to-last part of ”Macbeth” ACTIV
Ocean’s coral structure REEF
Pasta alternative RICE
Performer’s role PART
Person telling fibs LIAR
Pigpen STY
Post office purchase STAMP
Rip (up) TEAR
Rome’s __ Fountain TREVI
Sailboat’s poles MASTS
Semester TERM
Shopping binge SPREE
Small sample of soup SIP
Spanish house CASA
Sprinted RAN
Stare at the moon GAZE
Supposedly wise birds OWLS
The majority of MOST
Top of a wave CREST
Topped with frosting ICED
Toward sunrise EAST
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Turnpike charge TOLL
Unwitting victim PATSY
Waterproof covering TARP
Wide belt SASH
Winfrey of TV OPRAH
Women’s links org LPGA
__ down (takes a nap, maybe) LIES
__ over (capsize) KEEL

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