Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 10 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Impossible!” NOPE
”Shoot!” ASKME
98-string instrument TRIPLEHARP
Arborist’s procedure GRAFT
Archaeological fragment ASH
Beast on King Tut’s mask COBRA
Big name in 18th-century European history ANTOINETTE
Bryant preposition NEATH
Burton’s mom in ”Roots” TYSON
Capital not far from the Rockies EDMONTON
Carnival crewperson ROUSTABOUT
Chica, brevemente SRTA
Code meant not to be broken DOGMA
Comfortably EASY
Don’t stay in one’s lane WEAVE
Either of two in the Bluetooth logo RUNE
Env __ (Yale major) SCI
Excerpt PART
Fairly dry SEC
First name on many an 1840s 48 Down RALPH
Group ”working to end speciesism” PETA
Guys set for life MADEMEN
Had a text exchange IMED
Half a miscellaneous pair THAT
Hand-made props CLAPS
He called Cubism ”more difficult than painting” DEGAS
He was mentored by Althea Gibson’s coach ASHE
Hockey Canada’s industrial sponsor ESSO
Hurdle with logic games LSAT
It had 300+ campus chapters in ’69 SDS
Kool-Aid directive STIR
Land from the water STEPASHORE
Mama Bear, e.g SOW
Many makers of 11 Down THAIS
Monitor WATCH
Negotiator of the first video-game royalty agreement AFTRA
Offerer of ”the firstlings of his flock” ABEL selection ECARD
Partners of pleated skirts HAREMPANTS
Plasma minus clotting proteins SERUM
Point of a change’s beginning CUSP
Powerful brick ACADAPTER
Pronoun in Hiroshima HIM
Pulled (down) TORE
Push hard HYPE
Revolutionary, stationary group SPINCLASS
Ryder Cup contingent TEAMEUROPE
Safe spaces ARKS
Shape of some Tesla coil light ARC
Sneak successes: Abbr TDS
Something taken at the office MEMO
Spectral array HUES
Suspended course SOUP
Swing shift? TURNATBAT
Talk follower or preceder SHOP
The latest thing NOW
They may be cleaning in motels FEES
Toy type PUG
Upsize, say REPOT
Very slick ADEPT
Where you could once see Montessori and Marconi LIRE
Word from the Latin for ”recruit” TYRO
Word on a Dumas first edition TROIS
Written argument ESSAY