Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 13 2018

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Clues Answers
”. . .__ it but free it would soar”: ”Jane Eyre” WERE
”Don’t say __- say Aunt Sally”: Twain YESM
”My bad” elicitor SLIPUP
”You shouldn’t have!” FORSHAME
”Your bond or stamp starts a __ down the ramp” (WWII poster message) JEEP
”__ Terrace at Night” (Van Gogh painting) CAFE
Aid for a blue state SOLACE
Amt. often specified as ”level” TSP
Arab League member OMAN
Auditory metaphor for offspring PITTERPATTER
Bear out AFFIRM
Body part with no blood vessels CORNEA
Boxing-lesson topic STANCE
Burberry alternative ARMANI
Clears OKS
Compounded MADEWORSE
David : Milhous :: Delano : __ NANCE
Deviate from the itinerary ROVE
Dose of reality, say EYEOPENER
Emit, as 10 Down SEEP
Ersatz telephones TINCANS
Fall back REVERT
Flancrest Enterprises’ animated owner NED
Ford Focus competitor KIAFORTE
Gets somehow SENSES
Given no other option INAPINCH
Green stuff FOLIAGE
He’s no real adversary STRAWMAN
How some are admired FROMAFAR
Its ”T” stands for ”Tyelyegrafnoye” TASS
Its traffic clears bridges SEALANE
Jazz and such PROTEAMS
Large sand mover SCOW
List, with ”off” REEL
Maneuver PLOY
Name that means ”faith” VERA
Oracular WISE
Part of some chains ATOLL
Partially gone, in a way ERODED
Racket clubs MAFIAS
River subject of a 1990 German/Polish treaty ODER
Sally’s hairdo in ”When Harry Met Sally” SHAG
Scorch with pans BERATE
Seeing through ONTO
Sees lots of red, perhaps OWES
Sherman Oaks neighbor BELAIR
Small-timer, so to speak GNAT
Sounded throaty RASPED
Spinning trick for sharks MASSE
Spread awkwardly SPLAY
Subsidiary intent OVERTONE
The mental nerve supplies it LOWERLIP
There are more than 100 ways to drape it SARI
They’re often forced in photography SMILES
Thrill for Tour watchers ACE
Tried to stir or strengthen FANNED
Twitter and Craigslist, when founded SIDEPROJECTS
War-room subjects OPS
Well-aimed ACCURATE
What the Irish call ”weasel” ERMINE
Whom Carvey recommended for ”SNL” NEALON
Whom the Senecas absorbed around 1650 ERIES
Wise, at one time HEP
Without stalling ATONCE
Won through effort REAPED
Wrecker TOWCAR