Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 13 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”According to” card-game rules guy HOYLE
”All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
”Mini” or ”maxi” garment SKIRT
”Needless to __ . . .” SAY
”Right away,” in a memo ASAP
Affectionate greeting KISS
Assemble, as a sweater KNIT
Atoms with a charge IONS
Blood bank fluid SERUM
British hot beverage TEA
Brunch or dinner MEAL
Casual comment REMARK
Centers of operations BASES
Chimpanzee, for example APE
Constitutional guarantees: Abbr RTS
Crunchy Tex-Mex shells TACOS
Door-opening thing KEY
Dust or grime DIRT
Electric car brand TESLA
Encountered MET
Exam for future attorneys: Abbr LSAT
Gave temporarily LENT
Group of islands CHAIN
Grownup ADULT
In separate pieces APART
In the __ of time (just before the deadline) NICK
Installs, as a sidewalk PAVES
Japanese warrior NINJA
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Landlocked water in Utah GREATSALTLAKE
Leave high and dry STRAND
Lesser of two __ EVILS
Light in the sky at night STAR
Lose traction on the road SKID
Machine part with teeth GEAR
Make a swap TRADE
Male chorus member TENOR
Manufactured MADE
Midafternoon nosh SNACK
Missile thrown in a pub DART
Neighborhood AREA
Notion IDEA
Opinion piece ESSAY
Otherwise ELSE
Performing group in a play CAST
Plan’s specification DETAIL
Poet Angelou MAYA
Points at a target AIMS
Portions of corn EARS
Prayer’s last word AMEN
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Prefix meaning ”three” TRI
Prescription-regulating agcy FDA
Prohibited thing TABOO
Remove from a memo DELETE
Salesperson, for short REP
Skeptical person CYNIC
Soldiers getting medals HEROES
State famous for potatoes IDAHO
Sycamore or maple TREE
Tall tale YARN
Tattletale SNITCH
Trooper’s speed detector RADAR
Vampire novelist Rice ANNE
Very hard to find RARE
Water bordering Florida and Maine ATLANTICOCEAN
Water near the Golden Gate Bridge SANFRANCISCOBAY
Wear away ERODE
Wedding affirmation IDO
Well-phrased APT
What’s worn under a shoe SOCK
Where Japan is ASIA
Winged mammal in a cave BAT
__ and vinegar dressing OIL
__ of Arc (French saint) JOAN
__ of these days (eventually) ONE
__ register (store’s money holder) CASH
__-car (airport service) RENTA