Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 14 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Cats” inspiration TSELIOT
”Now I get it!” AHA
A, in Paris UNE
Actor McKellen IAN
Angry looks GLARES
Animal parks ZOOS
Apple discard CORE
Attendance record spoiler ABSENCE
Ball on a necklace BEAD
Be an omen of BODE
Between, in poems TWIXT
Big brand of elevators OTIS
Brown soft drink COLA
Burden carrier BEARER
Crunchy sandwiches, familiarly BLTS
Doctor’s or lawyer’s charges FEES
Dog’s squeal YELP
Dr. Dre’s music GANGSTARAP
Drains of energy SAPS
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Expenses COSTS
Extremely VERY
Extremely eager AGOG
Extremely elegant DELUXE
Follow the rules OBEY
From now on HENCE
Golfer’s pegs TEES
Had a meal ATE
Hard to see because of fog HAZY
Horse’s mane, for instance HAIR
Just waking up ASTIR
Luau neckwear LEI
Make a comparison RELATE
Make very happy ELATE
Michelangelo’s Madonna and son sculpture PIETA
Much-admired figure IDOL
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Not illuminated UNLIT
Org. for physicians AMA
Perform in a play ACT
Pianist’s targets KEYS
Plant with a soothing gel ALOE
Poison-ivy symptom ITCH
Pop singer __ Amos TORI
Poshly furnished LUSH
Possess, in the Bible HAST
Proof of home ownership DEED
Quite a lot OFTEN
Radio interference STATIC
Rectangular piece of cloth STRIP
Residence HOUSE
Return-postage enclosures: Abbr SASES
Ryder truck rental rival UHAUL
Small, stylish group THEINCROWD
South Pacific resort spot TAHITI
Spanish cheer OLE
Star of ”M*A*S*H” ALDA
State north of Missouri IOWA
Take a load off your feet SIT
Tapped a ball with a bat BUNTED
The Emerald __ (Ireland) ISLE
Theater walkway AISLE
Three-note chord TRIAD
Tiny WEE
University of Notre __ DAME
Unpleasant sounds NOISES
Up to a task ABLE
Uttered SAID
Valentine sentiment LOVE
What jet lag messes with BIOLOGICALCLOCK
What small red fruits are harvested from RASPBERRYBUSHES
What visors shade EYES
Whirlpool EDDY
Wild animal’s den LAIR
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Yoga’s __ position LOTUS