Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 16 2018

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Clues Answers
”Cut __!” (”Stop that!”) ITOUT
”So, what __ is new?” ELSE
”That’s great news!” YAY
”Wheel of Fortune” turn SPIN
Add to the payroll HIRE
Adjust, as car wheels ALIGN
Affectionate greeting KISS
Ancient legends MYTHS
Animal’s den LAIR
At first, second or third ONBASE
At the perfect moment RIGHTONCUE
Backyard barbecue spot PATIO
Beauty parlor SALON
Bug-blocking window inserts SCREENS
Camel’s South American cousin LLAMA
Church choir song HYMN
Competitive personality TYPEA
Confident SURE
Constricting snake BOA
Cooks in a barbecue ROASTS
Cooler than cool COLD
Cross home plate SCORE
Degs. in finance MBAS
Destroy, as documents SHRED
Entryway DOOR
Expertise SKILL
Experts, for short PROS
Extra effort, informally OOMPH
Feels sore ACHES
Flip-chart stands EASELS
Floor-washing implement MOP
Got off the sofa STOODUP
Had a hunch SENSED
Health club SPA
Holder of basil and oregano SPICERACK
In an aimless fashion IDLY
Karenina of fiction ANNA
Laundry cycle RINSE
Make a sweater, say KNIT
Milky gemstone OPAL
Monk’s home ABBEY
Navy noncom: Abbr CPO
Oil cartel OPEC
Optimistic wish HOPE
Place for a wallet or handkerchief BACKPOCKET
Placed in a schedule SLOTTED
Prophetic signs OMENS
Put an __ (stop) ENDTO
Reason to scratch ITCH
Revise EDIT
Sheep’s sound BAA
Shirt or blouse TOP
Short satirical piece SKIT
Simple to do EASY
Snow coaster SLED
Spirited horse STEED
Sports squad TEAM
Stadium levels TIERS
Sturdily constructed SOLID
Submarine weapon TORPEDO
Summer camp boat CANOE
Takes a peek LOOKS
Thanksgiving seating for youngsters KIDSTABLE
The second planet VENUS
Thick slices SLABS
Three letters in ”mommy” EMS
Try to find SEEK
Try to win over WOO
Turner who founded CNN TED
Two-purpose DUAL
Variety of pear BOSC
Wasting no words TERSE
What blizzards are made of SNOW
Without assistance ALONE
__ and crafts ARTS
__ Bauer (clothing store chain) EDDIE