– Oct 18 2018

Clues Answers
”Furthermore . . .” AND
”That being said . . .” EVENSO
”__ Fables” AESOPS
Alehouses INNS
Apple product MAC
Are, to Bolívar ESTA
Best for picking RIPEST
Biblical conclusion AMEN
Biblical trio MAGI
Big name in faucets MOEN
Certain room sharer CELLMATE
Chopin piece ETUDE
City northwest of Tucson PRESCOTT
Coal product TAR
Coll. in the ”Little Apple” Manhattan KSTATE
Compass reading SSW
Despicable one TOAD
Dictionary abbr SYN
Divulged LETON
Don’t go it alone GETHELP
Drainpipe bend TRAP
DVR button REC
EMT destinations ERS
Emulating ALA
Futbol shout OLE
Garden State’s largest city NEWARK
Happen next ENSUE
Horn with branches ANTLER
Idyllic locales EDENS
In with AMID
Irish province ULSTER
Keep one’s nose clean BEHAVE
Kick it __ notch UPA
List of glitches ERRATA
Literary preposition ERE
Clues Answers
Literary wizard-to-be POTTER
Morning’s end NOON
Nail polish ENAMEL
No longer in DATED
Operatic opening ACTI
Park bench piece SLAT
Part of some brokerage accts IRA
Part of YSL YVES
Partner of Bradstreet DUN
Pillow filler EIDER
Planes being redeveloped for NASA SSTS
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Puts into effect ENACTS
Range of knowledge KEN
Reinforce SHOREUP
Sci-fi characters ALIENS
Showed sudden interest SATUP
Sloppy pile HEAP
Sominex competitor NYTOL
Soup at sushi bars MISO
Square dance step DOSIDO
State bird of Louisiana PELICAN
Street vendor’s structure STAND
Takes a call ANSWERS
Tequila cocktail, on some menus RITA
Tori of tunes AMOS
Total poise APLOMB
Undemanding EASY
URL opener HTTP
Vinyl collectibles LPS
Without a doubt SOLIDLY
Wood cutters RIPSAWS
X-like letter CHI
Yellow __ (alternative SIDE DISH) YAM
Zoo pro VET
__ roast (alternative MAIN COURSE) RUMP

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