– Oct 19 2018

Clues Answers
”. . . the time __ the place” NOR
”Being a __” (Sean Connery book) SCOT
”Boy, am __ trouble!” IIN
”Creole Christmas” cookbook guy EMERIL
”Get your mitts offa me!” LEGGO
”Here Comes Garfield” character ODIE
”I couldn’t __ thing!” EATA
”Law Practice Magazine” publisher ABA
”Phantom . . .” broke its Broadway-run record CATS
”Porgy and Bess” contraction AINT
”The Last Jedi” pilot REY
15 Across (with its words switched) REDEEM
A whole lot IMMENSELY
Acoustic accessory AMP
Add up to ARE
Appear ominously LOOM
Austrian article EIN
Author of 500+ books ASIMOV
Auto made in South Carolina BMW
Base of some flour RYE
Bonded by electrostatic forces IONIC
Buffy on TV SARAH
Cavity in a lung AIRSAC
Chamber ensemble* STRINGTRIO
Colgate competitor ORALB
Common Russian name OLGA
Cornfield diversion MAZE
Deceives, so to speak SNOWS
Extrêmement TRES
Far from innovative TRITE
Genesis 6-9 VIP NOAH
Glove part PALM
Higher-ups EXECS
Highlighter, for instance PEN
Home video format LETTERBOX
In-flight stat ALT
Initials associated with 24 Down TSE
Like fairways at 4:00 A.M DEWY
Like some humor, or humorless DRY
Little sphere in a whistle PEA
Luau entertainment* HULADANCER
Many a Mormon TITHER
Many mythological figures GODS
Map marker PIN
Mental acuity WITS
Moved sinuously EELED
Musical cast member* CHORUSBOY
New Delhi-born physician/New Ager CHOPRA
Nixon’s first book* SIXCRISES
Not beyond UPTO
Numbered rd RTE
Obstruct for protection BARRICADE
One-and-only SOLE
Org. offering the At Bat app MLB
Picnic tote ICECHEST
Pony Express starting point STJOSEPH
Prf. of purchase RCT
Prius or Insight HYBRIDCAR
Pulitzer winner for ”Picnic” INGE
Pundit’s piece ESSAY
Pundit’s pieces OPEDS
Rose petal eater APHID
ROTC beneficiary USARMY
Scannable stripes UPC
Sine __ non QUA
Sprees JAGS
Start with, logically ASSUME
Sunflower seed product OIL
UK legislators MPS
Urn, for instance VASE
Using bills to pay bills INCASH
Utility knife name XACTO
Very bright celestial object QUASAR
Way back in time ONCE
What each starred answer has ZODIACSIGNRHYME
What the Fonz called Richie’s dad MRC

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