– Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
”Absolutely” YES
”Garfield” dog ODIE
”Look what I did!” TADA
”Phone in use” sound BUSYSIGNAL
”That’s unlikely” IDOUBTIT
”That’s untrue!” NOTSO
Allows LETS
Any thing of value ASSET
Arrow shooters BOWS
Beneath UNDER
Bird’s home NEST
Bit of toothpaste DAB
Blacksmith’s metal block ANVIL
Burn soother ALOE
By way of VIA
Cain’s brother ABEL
Camper’s shelter TENT
Common work-starting time NINE
Damascus’ country SYRIA
Dinner platter DISH
Disreputable, as a bar SEEDY
Drains, as of energy SAPS
Election Day mo NOV
Enthusiast FAN
Evergreen trees FIRS
Exemplify EMBODY
Exotic jelly fruit GUAVA
Family car SEDAN
Fathers DADS
Fixed illegally RIGGED
Former Italian coin LIRA
French friend AMI
Fries or coleslaw SIDE
From that time SINCE
Get __ the ground floor INON
Goofed up ERRED
Gorillas and chimps APES
Grand-scale EPIC
Guy on commission SALESMAN
In the thick of AMID
Jealousy ENVY
Like very much ADORE
Line of stitching SEAM
Make revisions to EDIT
Mexican lizard IGUANA
Monopoly or Scrabble GAME
Move upward RISE
Muslim’s faith ISLAM
Mysterious sky sightings: Abbr UFOS
No longer new USED
Nothing, in Nicaragua NADA
Paddlers at the Olympics KAYAKERS
Park bench board SLAT
Parking penalties FINES
Prefix for final SEMI
Salty waters SEAS
See 44 Across PERU
Sing in the Alps YODEL
Small chicken BANTAM
Small plateau MESA
Spanish cheer OLE
Stare at OGLE
Status of a current soldier ACTIVEDUTY
Submerged SUNK
Time off, but not really WORKINGVACATION
Top without a collar TSHIRT
Top-rated AONE
Ultimate degree NTH
University of __ Dame NOTRE
Ward off AVERT
Weighed down (with) LADEN
Wetland MARSH
With 7 Down, Andes capital city LIMA
__ as a cucumber (calm) COOL
__ by (obey) ABIDE

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